Epistle Emails, continued

January 2008

A good thing.

I came upon your site while researching a project, and I have to say that I think that what you are doing is a really great thing. I myself may not be homosexual, but I have always believed in their rights. Too often have I seen them ridiculed and belittled by my family and classmates. Please continue your work, and God bless you.


January 2008

I recently stumbled across your website in my attempt to search for answers to the "gay" question. I have been attracted to women for as long as I can remember and also a follower and lover of Christ. However the whole gay thing has caused me to stumble and turn away all too many times because I did not "fit in" to the acceptable lifestyle of the church. I have tried to reason in my mind that if I follow Christ long enough and love god enough that eventually he will transform me and I can lead a "normal" life. Needless to say I have never gotten very far as the idea of being with a man forever I can not imagine. I have always felt personally that as hetero if the relationship is built on love, trust, committment, etc that it is blessed. That when it is based on promiscuity, and perversion and merely for the fullfilling of the flesh that is is ungodly. Yet these verses in the bible have continued to scream at me and accuse me. This has caused me and my partner so much conflict as she is a recovering Jehovas witness and struggling right now as well. I was very impressed with your interpretation of the original hebrew meaning and would like to know more of how you came to these conclusions about the meaning. What were your refrences to the original text and then the interpretation? If there is one thing I have learned as I have aged its to seek and look beyond face value. I believe that there is much room for mans influence on bible from both directions and that the modern translation is not without a need for a deeper look. The Ruth and Naomi and Jonathan /David stories are compelling arguments and I have never before examined these stories before in such a way. Please tell me more about your interpretation and also if you can direct me to someone in my area whom I can do further study with on these matters. I reside in St Petersburg Fl and also am in the Atlanta area often as well to visit the woman I love. I would like to find a place or someone there as well that we both can talk to when I go back in march to visit her.

April 2008

I would really like to commend you on what you've done so far, and I must say I was very surprised to see such a wealth of information. The only complaint I have is the website layout it self. It is not user friendly. The letters are very large. Please, no offense it just doesn't look very professional.


November 2008

Thank You

I love this site and its firm stance for faith in Christ for gay
people. Seems lacking in many other open and affirming settings.

God bless you,


November 2008

The Epistle - Thank  You!

Hi Edrick,

I came to The Epistle via a comment by Glenn on my blog, Straight-Friendly. Although I've yet to really dig down into its content, the beauty and clarity of its spirit are already apparent in what I've read.

God bless you for this fine work; I know you'll be rewarded.

I'd like to link The Epistle on Straight-Friendly, if that's okay with you. And I invite you give S-F a look as well to see if it's something you think your readers might also enjoy. If so, feel free to link it on The Epistle as well.

There's so much ground to cover--so much misinformed, damaging teaching to undo--that it's going to take all of us working together to get it done. It's an honor to discover you working beside me in this effort!

Be blessed,

December 2008

Thank you my beloved brothers and sisters

To all of you have listened to Father's call to be a part of this web community....thank you. Thank you for listening to His voice in guiding you in His plan....I am so glad for all the souls that your web site has helped and for those who will continue to be lifted to a higher place....called His awesome grace. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you continue on His path. Continue to take moments of quiet reflection....for this is where you will find Him...it is the place where His heart will meet yours....it has now become your passion. Listen to Him and remember He may come as a gentle whisper, that is often muffled by this world's speak. Continue to seek Him will all your hearts....and may the fruit of your labor be plentiful.
Peace, Love and Abundant Joy

December 2008

Thanks to Rev Noel for the article 'Be on your guard' which I found very helpful. May sound simple but no-one ever explained why we had to 'stay awake' or 'watch' and it has been a problem to me for a long time.
So as not to be too anonymous as it were I would explain that I am an Anglican in Gloucestershire UK.

Peter Brown

December 2008

I wanted to add my voice to the many others and say "Thank you!" for your website. The resources you provide are educational, inspirational, and compelling.
Again, thanks!


January 2009

Grace and peace to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus.
I'm so glad to have found your site. As a very straight evangelical Christian I've wrestled for years with the attitudes of the conservative Church toward gay people. I read, researched, prayed, reflected. Just after I decided that there's no way that gay people - as gay people - are outside God's grace, I find your site! I'm so glad to know that you all are "a part of the family of God."

In Jesus' love,

- Chad

January 2009


I'm not GLB or T, but I truly enjoyed the "Really Trusting God" article. I believe Edrick wrote it. Anyway, he really said it all, and made my day so much better. I had been letting far too many things around me really get to me. I feel good in knowing that where ever I am in life, is where God wants me to be so I might grow in spirit. In some ways, I had really given up on him and myself, especially where my job was concerned. Not today! It was nice. Most of my negative thinking was gone, and I actually enjoyed it for a change. I thank God for leading me to your site, and for the power of its words!


February 2009

Epistle.us - I love your site!

As a gay Christian I was uplifted and encouraged by your wonderful website. There is so much negativity against gay people on the internet, much of it from so-called "Christian" sites.

Your site gives me hope that one day, gay people will be welcomed into the Christian family by all denominations. Until then, God Bless you and keep up the good work.

Newfoundland, Canada

April 2009


What a great website...one of my favourite. It has lots for Christian gays. Thank you. Please keep it up. So many of us need this. God bless your ministry and your hard work for Him. A huge thank you all the way from Canada.


July 2009

Folks at the Epistle,

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had reading through your site. I happened upon it while doing some research for a sermon on prayer, and ended up spending most of the night reading through various articles. All I read was very informative, insightful, and centered on the love of God in a way that resonated incredibly strongly with how I have experienced God's desire for the Kingdom to be. The dynamic of being focused on God's work in the GLBT community was also very timely, as my church (the ELCA) is currently struggling hard with the issue on multiple levels. What I experienced here reinforced my conviction that God's calling is not limited to those of us in the straight community - I hope and pray that one day soon the Church will follow in the footsteps of our early brothers and sisters who, as recorded in Acts 15, realized that the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Gentiles was all the evidence they needed to fully accept them as fellow workers in the Kingdom.
Thanks to you all, and may God continue to grow and prosper the work you are doing for the Gospel. You are an inspiration to me, and your message of God's revolutionary love is sorely needed in our world.

ELCA seminarian

September 2009

thank you

i came across your site while trying to find stories to answered prayers. as i write this email to you i am in a very difficult financial situation and my faith is running low. Your site gives me such hope. I am hetro/christian, and that is difficult in and of itself. Loving God/Christ, and being gay, must be very taxing on your faith, seeing not many in our own faith embrace the gay community. I live in a neighborhood with many gay male couples. i love them and wouldn't trade them for the world. I think it is wonderful that the people on this site stand up for loving God/Christ. May he bless all that you do.


October 2009


Hello from Mexico!!
I just wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the effort put on your website and the research and time spent. I cannot begin to explain how refreshing it all felt to me, how hopeful it made me feel and helped me to accept myself and be at peace with my feelings. It actually gave me courage to come out to one of my friends... well, I still fear the reaction from my parents (especially my mother who is a devout christian and views homosexuality as an abomination) but at least I know I'm not alone in this and I can live a moral, respectful and normal life regardless of my sexual orientation. I cannot explain the impact your site had on me so I can only thank you again and hope your work reach and touch as many people.


October 2009

Lost and Found


How is it that I have just now found your site? How lost I have been. Thank you for your very interesting and informative articles.

I attend and I am a member of St, John's Episcopal Cathedral in Jacksonville, FL. I also frequent a website named TOPIX. I will be using the articles from here to enlighten some folks.

Many thanks,


November 2009

"A Letter to Christians Who Don’t Like Us."


First I would like to say that I am not religious, but I am a bisexual
- probably best to get that out in the open first.
I was browsing for information on an essay I am writing and happened
across your article, "A Letter to Christians Who Don’t Like Us.";
while I myself am not religious, I would like to say I found the
article very inspiring and uplifting, as writings of these sorts are
very heartening to me, and I'm sure others like me.
So, I would like to express gratitude for the efforts your community
is putting in for GLBT in general and as a whole, and encourage you to
continue your work =)
Here's hoping for a bright future for all of us,


December 2009

I stumbled across your web site reading about a broken foot...how strange.

Anyway, I am 57, straight, married 36 years...and I just wanted to tell you that I admire you for this web site.

God Bless You

February 2010

Outsider for Decades

For years, I was a devout Christian and a strong believer - until I realized I was "one of them thangs" so many Christians were blasting to hell and back, using the "Bible As A Weapon Of Mass Damnation". I had written a beautiful Christian rock opera, praising Jesus and His salvation, only to shelve it permanently and forget it for decades. With all the right-wing fundamentalist hatred and poison spewing from the pulpits and on television, along with other news media and Christians marching against LGBT human rights and equality, it's no wonder I dropped the whole "Christian thing". My faith which had once been so strong quickly dissolved as I saw more and more venom flowing against us.

Yours is a bold new approach to Christianity. I really want to believe and feel loved by God and by Christ, but all those anti-gay scriptures being hurled at us makes me really wonder if maybe they could be right. You do seem to have some very strong points, which I hope are correct.

I'm a Viet Nam veteran, a 9/11 Survivor and a Lover/Partner with the same wonderful man for over thirty years. I did not choose to be gay, any more than I choose to breathe. Who wants the entire Christian right-wing down your throat, the Federal Government and the lawmakers denying and blocking any and all rights towards equality? Who in his or her right mind would? It's like begging for punishment and rejection big time.

Maybe you can help me find my way back into the "fold". I've been away for decades already, feeling like an outsider to God's grace and forgiveness. I might even consider re-writing my musical to be about LGBT who are actually loved and accepted by God, with your help. I simply don't understand how people can turn something so wonderful into something so hurtful, ugly and painful for us. But, if you think about it, there are several scriptures about judging others and hurting people. I have a saying which you can use, "While you're pointing the finger of blame at me, remember - aimed right back at you are three!"

July 2010

I would like to make a short comment on one point in your article, "The Real Reason Straight Americans Can’t Accept Gay Americans."

The author of the article stated, "There is a subliminal and subtle prejudice of anything feminine. Of course the hatred for transgender folks is even worse. Men who appear as women are looked on with laughter and ridicule, yet women who look like men are not even noticed. Women with short hair, flat shoes, slacks...are practical. Less feminine is good, more masculine is better."

I have suffered ridicule from a number of people over the years because I am a large female. I am muscular because I was raised on a farm and did a quite a bit of hard, "masculine" type work. When I was younger, some of my favorite attire was blue jeans and t-shirts. I had short hair, and was something of a tom-boy type. Other girls at school had boyfriends; I did not. At summer retreats, most of the girls were paired up with their boyfriend for the week. Not me! I was one of the oddballs. Because of some of these things, boys or men and some others would say, "She must be lesbian." One man even referred to me as an "Amazon bitch."

Perhaps some more masculine looking women are more accepted now than this used to be in the past. Yet I think there is still stigma there with a number of people. However, I think you have made some accurate observations about the attitudes of some men in your article.

August 2010

"Cookie Cutter Christians"

Isn't it a shame and a crime that so many so-called Christians (Right-wing Fundamentalists) seem to need someone to hate and we're it.
What harsh judgements and sentencing they carry out on us. What a waste of energy and time, but most of all, alienating us and pushing us outside the church. It would be so great if they could channel all that negative energy into positive and create a world in which we could all prosper, but nothing doing. If the so-called "family structure" is crumbing, it is entirely from within and with no help from the gay community.
Instead of inclusion, theirs is a gospel of exclusion and punishment for anyone of anything that differs from their concept of "normal."
Last but certainly not the least of it is that sexual orientation is not a choice, but religion and intolerance are. So are love and acceptance. Until these self-righteous prophets of doom realize we are all God's children and created by Him and by His will, we will continue to be on the fringes of society. Sorry, but we can't all be "Straight, Cookie-Cutter Christians" !!!


September 2010

I stumbled across your site looking for some sermon inspiration.... I want to tell you that I love what you say. I am a straight, married mother of two kids and not all Christians don't like gay people. God is so much bigger than we can imagine and we try to box him in and I am tired of this. We cannot know his mind. We cannot know what other people have to live through. We (including me) should just aim to get ourselves into His presence and listen to him and I think that many Christians will be very surprised at what they hear.

Bless you whoever you are who does this site and all who come into a closer relationship with Christ via your website.

Much love in Christ

Barbara Falkiner (France)

October 2010

Dear sir or madam,
As I write this message, I have to often backspace and correct because of the tears streaming from my eyes. All I have to say is that your site is inspirational, especially with such contributers as Mr. John Allen, who wrote a poignant letter to his friends and family about losing his life partner who was a woman, although he was by nature a gay man. He gave such insight and was so honest about the sacrifices he made that for that relationship; for love. You see, I have been in a relationship with a man who I know is gay for over 5 years now...he won't admit it, but nonetheless, he is. Mr. Allen answered for me the question that has been burning in my mind for years: WHY? The answer is: because love knows no bounds. If it weren't for this "chance" occurance, I never would have stumbled across his article, and found the solice I so desperately needed(and by chance, I mean God's will). Please thank him for me, and God Bless.


January 2011

Dear all,

I have recently re-discovered, with delight, the website and have to note that at nearly 56 years of age and having accepted Christ in 1977, I still find myself, at times, in a tenuous spot with my faith re: my orientation. Rediscovering, this evening, Bruce Gerig's "The Clobber Passages: Reexamined," I am shedding a few light but heartfelt tears as it seems to me like returning to a reassuring friend, telling me, "Hey...did you forget about this? And what about that...look...read..."

I cannot put into words how much it means to feel some rejuvenation and a spark of optimism again...and mostly, a sense that my being a Gay man who had one of those (too common) horribly and nearly tragic childhoods and young adult lives dealing with the gap I perceived between me and God--though bridged by Christ's forgiveness--the world and the church made that bridge and that forgiveness seem conditional and anything but love.

Yet, there are times, finally, when I realize that the very struggle was a gift that God used to call me to Him in a way that I might have not heard otherwise. I oft times think had I been heterosexual, and given my stubborn character, I might not have felt the need for a savior so profoundly. I might not have sensed the distance from God, if the trappings of my life suggested otherwise. Meaning, I may have been jaded by my own intellect and advantages and never have known what it was like to need to beg, as I did on 10/17/77, "oh, please come in!" Never sensing, as I did, how outside of my heart Jesus was.

"Clobber" is right....so many times, though I count myself fortunate and happy, there has been a cloud over me...a reluctance to draw close to Him because of what I preferred not to think about. The clobbering has often been unconscious and background, but definitely there. It makes me wonder about how many LGBT Christians who are outside of true fellowship with Christ because of the same sense of dissonance and condemnation. I know I struggle with so many things in my life simply because I have trouble maintaining that close fellowship or finding a church home in which I can find--and be--the support that is needed by everyone.

So...thank-you for bumping up the lights and reminding me of things I needed to be reminded of. Perhaps I can pass on that light in my own way a bit better, now.

God bless you and thank-you for not just what you have done for me this evening, but for what you do for so many.

Owosso, Michigan

March 2011

I googled the words "too afraid of God to love Him" and was brought to your article "Afraid of God" written by Edrick. I am not a GLBT Christian, but I have been afraid of God since I was 9 years old when I was told that God was sending me to Hell because I wasn't a Christian. I have spent a lifetime doing all the things that were said in that article, trying to figure out how God could hate a 9 year old girl so much. I am sure its going to take more than one article to change the fear I have but I was encouraged by this article. Perhaps I can find a way to truly love Jesus as my savior. I plan on reading through more articles on your website.


June 2011

Hi there,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note after I visited your page. This is probably way out of left field, but I am the proud mother of my wonderful gay son. He is the light in my life and a total inspiration to me. When he first came out to my husband and me, I was never ashamed of him, but I was torn between the love of my son and my Christian faith. I was lucky enough to meet someone who was able to help guide me in finding an affirming church where my whole family could worship and feel accepted. We also participate in a group that meets once a month to support each other and our gay loved ones in our spiritual journeys. I ran across your page while trying to find some helpful resources and reading for a new member in our group. It's so great that there are people on the net that are trying to pass along actual educational info instead of the usual useless drivel and ignorance that one finds on the net hahaha :-)


February 2012

I am a non-religious lesbian woman/ single mother with 1 daughter. I really enjoyed the article written in 2006 speaking about why america hates gays. I wish they would post at least an excerpt of that essay onto billboards in all major cities to spread the knowledge you throughly researched. I commend your work. I am not a religious woman at all, but I do believe in a higher power, I feel that there are too many religions to just settle and follow one.. so I am better off not joining any. But I dont hate anyone because they are atheist. That is their choice. Why would I feel compelled to be upset at a choice you made? Some people are just so narrow-minded, I admire whomever wrote that article and I send much appreciation for what was said. Live your life happily and freely. One love.

February 2012

I really like your website. I am a bisexual woman.
I would like prayer for me. I suffer greatly from anxiety
related to past abuse issues. Please do not use my name.
I feel in many ways I am at a breaking point, and am angry
that I have suffered so greatly while so many have not. So many
turned their backs on me and kept themselves safe and warm
while I suffered. I have tremendous anger at people and sometimes
at God, too.

Thank you for listening.

July 2012

Hi my name is Bernice. I am a Catholic Transsexual from Melbourne Australia and I happened to come across your web site whilst I was looking for some spiritual support as I have been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. I randomly clicked on a few articles from your site and was moved so much, by what I read that I wanted to let you know how much I was impressed and fortified by your inspiring authors.

I will keep this website in mind and now that I now it exists will check it out more often. Thanks so much for your great work and uplifting articles.

God bless


July 2012

Hi, My name is Cassie and I'm 25 years old. I've been married for 3 years to an amazing guy named Shaun. Both of us are Christians and are active in our local church. With the recent tragedies that have happened this past year throughout the U.S., so many people have commented about certain things (CO shooting, Joe Paterno, Suicide, etc.) and said things like "he should rot in hell" or "he should get a dose of his own medicine" etc etc. Over the past few days I've been burdened with this guilt that we as Christians are so quick to judge...if we could only see people how God sees us..don't get me wrong, I think the tragedies that have occurred are so awful and it makes me angry, but I don't think it's my place to say where or what that person should get in return... I'm just so sad for them. So I googled "what does it mean when you see the good in people" (haha) I thought it was kind of cheesy, but the first article that I saw was from your website (I think it was called "See the good in people"). Now, I had no idea that the website was GLBT community, I just read the article as a Christian woman and began sobbing because that article was all my thoughts so eloquently written! I immediately wanted to know who the author was so I clicked "Home," then saw Epistle is an online gay magazine, etc...I've never had a strong stance either way on homosexuality/gay marriage, etc. I have gay friends who I love very much, but I also have family and friends who are totally against it. After reading this article, I'm at a total loss because I don't know where I stand...does this make sense? All my life I've been told something about homosexuality but then I read this article unknowingly and it's AWESOME...so it's really got me thinking...I just thought I would share that and maybe see if you had any thoughts.

Thank you so much.  

August 2012

HI my name is JONNY guerrero and would like prayer for me and DAVID overby .A man that God brought into my life .Itís been wonderful how he brought him in to my life by using Gods holy word and the direction of the holy spirit to guide me into this relateship .And thank you so much for this web site it holds the very truth of Gods true nature and prupose for the homosexual people of today.For I believe God is truly calling us out so the people of the church open and hear Gods truth that we must love beyond the sin and pray that God will change the nature and the acts of sins.But yet people want us to change when they refuse to see that we donít have to change .If we would point out things in their lives they wouldnít change.Because they would be living a lie to them selfs and others.But I wanted to share this with you.So please keep me and david in your prayers.that God will save him from his self and take in Godís love .But also wanted to shared with YOU the true mean of the names of jonathan and david ...and funny how my name is jonny and my guyís name is david but anyway jon meaning GOD IS GRACIOUS and david meaning GODS BELOVED.But put togather the meaning is GODíS GRACE FOR HIS BELOVED.So I know and pray knowing he truly love us , knowing there is a true meaning and a purpose for our union.So thanks hope this will bless you as it does me. THANK JONNY G GUERRERO 

August 2012

first of all I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! oh Gennee, your a light to the broken and rejected! i'm so glad that he led me to you! because you believed in what God told you to do on this website i've be able to forgive the people who hurt me for the first time in my life - i've be a crossdresser since childhood and never felt condemened by it .I was rised in the good old fashioned penticostal,holiness church of God,you know "your flying or frying"lol and needless to say i was always"dying and going to hell".I never remember a message about Grace or how much Jesus loved me ,but i do remember being saved about 1000 times-always repenting and enduring an abusive homelife
My step-father was a powerfully spoken evanglist,and the part where proverbs says"beat thy child ,thou shalt save his soul from hell" he took literally. Two of his sons had thier ways with me. I grew up hurt ,mistreated and abused Because i was the youngest, I was mommy's sissy boy- "crying like a girl", such a wussy, the little faggot this started about 6 or7 yrs old i did everything i could to prove to them that i was a boy!-but, why were they doing this to me?
My older brother came home from the army and made an astounding announcement he was gay! though he never ever laid a hand on me ,he was gay and the step-brothers who had tormented my eyes out-with molestation and rape claimed to be heterosexuals! confussing isn't it? My situation didn't change until the oldest one left home I was 14 and totally confussed ,I've spent years trying to prove to myself that i wasn't gay -on the night my brother came out of his closet my step-father beat him so badly that he left and i didn't get to hear from him until i was20 long story short i've found that, no I'm not gay but a crossdresser i'm married to a wonderful wife, she's not accepting of this even though she knew before we got married but God has a plan for this !
I was called the preach the gospel and i believe it's to LGBT people cause if anyone on this planet needs to know Jesus really loves them its Us!!!! Religon has comdemned so many to hell because of what we do in the flesh but religon IS NOT GOD!!! The Father loves us all help me spread the word! when they say"abomination ABOMINATION!! then remind them gently ,so is eating shimp and hot dogs !!!!!!! OH how wonderful are his mercies and Grace that will take all of eternity to understand ,looking forward to your reply you can post this if you like maybe it will help someone; love you gennee want you to know your ministery has blessed me Porsha

March 2013

Wow! So much to take in on your magazine. Great stuff! Really encouraging and so well put together. Very impressive. Thank you so much for such a great resource.


April 2013

Dear Editors:

I stumbled upon your site-- and more particularly, your article entitled "The Legalistic Mind"-- while researching the biblical topic of Grace versus Law. I must say that it is the most enlightening article on the topic that I have found anywhere. For quite some time, I have been struggling to recover from the psychologically and spiritually devastating effects of the Legalism with which I was indoctrinated in my youth. I have had great difficulty, however, finding any written documents that could explain the differences between Grace and Law in a way that is easily understood and that could initiate the process of inner healing. Your article accomplished that; it kindled an "Aha!" moment in my mind, and I feel as if a great weight has been lifted off of my soul now that I understand more fully what it means to live under Grace instead of Law. Now I am browsing through the rest of your website, and I am equally impressed with the other articles there. I would just like to thank you for what you are doing and to let you know that you are doing a wonderful thing by publishing your site.


May 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus

I am so thankful to God for leading me to your website the other night. It was no mistake for me to come across your site. My name is Susan and I am a blind Transexual Christian woman. Became blind at the age of 15 from Glaucoma. I turned my life over to Christ at the age of 16, unfortunately when I moved out of my parents house to be on my own I fell from Grace and became worldly and did almost everything of the world. All throughout my life ever since I was a little child I knew I was a girl and not a boy, yet I hid my real identity for so long, even denied it and married and had a child. Seven years ago I finally came to terms with my real self and God. At first it was very difficult and went through some very troubling times, financially, emotionally and spiritually, God was always there though and took care of me, even though I did not think he was very close. Within the last year I completely gave my entire life over to God and accepted Jesus to live within me for good. I am so happy that I did, Praise be to God.

I have shared your website with another trans friend of mine who has not come to Christ yet and I pray that he will listen to God and read the many articles and inspirational messages on your site, he is blind as well. Right now I currently am attending a liberal, open and affirming church, the sad thing about this church though is that it seems that the members are self made Christians and not true believers of Christ. I am praying about this and if God wants me to stay there I will or if he is leading me elsewhere I will go . As Christians we do need to fellowship with believers.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your families always.


June 2014

Greetings. I think as a hetro sexual male raised in a world that like to divide people into boxes and put labels on them i think we focus too much on our differences than what we have in common. I was born in Sweden in the early 70's, moved to United States, now 42 years old, married and have two children 11 and 14. Growing up, just like in united states there have always been this stigma that has been drummed into the head of people regarding people of different cultures and races. Just because someone says one thing doesn't make it right. I think there are two passages in the Bible, one is in the irrelevant OT which was given to Moses by God to lead people to Christ, and then Romans 1:18-32, these two passages have continually been used to discredit. Having said that, I believe everyone is a sinner, all sins are equal and everyone can be saved by God through Jesus Christ. I don't think that someone's sexuality is what defines them as a person or in Christ, but the way you minster to others and treat others. The ways of the world is nothing we should follow. As Christ followers we are all brothers and sisters and we have the Holy Spirit to convict us. We are not put here by God here to put judgement against each other. That is Christ's job whenever he returns. God's greatest commandment was Love The Lord Your God with all your heart, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. Anyone can come to God through Christ. But its Christ that defines us who we are in him, not who we are on earth.

Thanks for your time


July 2014

Urgent prayers for miracle for restoration of marriage

My husband has left me it's been 2 months. I have no contact with him at all. I am praying for him to come back for reconciliation.
I want to restore the marriage and not divorce him that's not the solution please bestow me and my husband with prayers which melts his heart, his mother's heart and sister heart too. I forgive them for all they have done and surrender my marriage to Lord as he knows.
Please help me with special prayers for my request.
I am personally requesting prayers my situation is bad it's a dead end with no contact and my husband showing disinterest in the marriage there is a lot of anger immaturity and unwillingness to forgive me along with alot of negative feeling but situations were different when we got married we were in love and I truly believe in my marriage faith in God and power of prayers.
With folded hands I'm requesting please pray for me.
Maybe your prayers can save my marriage and my husband from the suffering he is going through with guilt anger and resentment.


August 2014

Really blessed by you guys

I found your site while looking for encouraging answers to prayer (couple of big situations I'm praying 'Please rescue us' for at the moment - my business is about to go bankrupt unless God steps in with a miracle and a friend of mine has terminal brain cancer and two young kids).

Just wanted to say - I am so blessed by your site and all of you who contribute! I'm heterosexual, so I feel a bit of a fraud joining in with you all - but rarely have I come across such love and such a real/non-religious communication of the reality of Jesus as I have at The Epistle. I loved your intro to 'Answered Prayer Stories' - such a 'keep it real'/down to earth - but still full of faith - summary of the difficulties of understanding why God seems to answer some prayers but not others and some quick and some slow - when so many Christians just give you the party line.

As I explored your site more I just got an amazing sense of love, honesty, simplicity (as in no unnecessary complexity) and of a bunch of people who just want to know Jesus more in a world that can be so confusing and difficult at times.

I'd also like to say that I am deeply sorry for the way in which the 'mainstream' church has given and gives some of you such a horrible time - judging and condemning. The relationships and experiences with Jesus - and the realisation of our need for Jesus - shared through your site are more real and honest than most of what I've seen in church over 30 years of being a Christian.

So much of Jesus' teaching is about God accepting us all and loving us all just as we are, just where we are. I've messed up so many times, even though I try to follow Jesus - but God always says to me: 'I love you, I forgive you, I accept you, you're my child!'

Bless you all for getting that so much.

Mick, London, UK

April 2015

Good source of inspiration... "I don't like myself much". Although I'm not LGBT, I must endure the same prejudice mindset that says unless you act and look like this you are not ok. I have OCD and feel at times as if the world Is desperately trying to get me to dislike myself because I don't fit the description of normal. Thanks for sharing.


November 2015

Thank you for this site. I am a mom of a wonderful daughter who is in love with another mother's wonderful daughter. We are the blessed ones. All I can say is just thank you thank you! I've finally broken the chain of "judgement" because of you all...and much help from Jesus! Every one of you, lift your heads up high as you are among the "chosen ones"!!

December 2017


Very Good site Thanks


March 2018

Well I was very blessed by your website.   I am a strong Christian woman, married to my husband for almost 29 years.  We have a 27 y/o son who is gay.  We love him and have never judged him.  That is not to say I didn’t struggle with that announcement when he was 16.  He is my friend as well as my son.  HE has always seemed to struggle with contentment and he has always been a defiant one. Which means he is not always that easy to be around.  He can go in and impress the socks off teachers, bosses, anyone but then he will go out of his way to sabotage it and make people dislike him.  Well today he called and was upset over a situation he caused and as I tried to council him, he just said mom I think I am crazy and my heart broke.   He has decided God isn’t real because of this.  I needed encouragement and had no idea I was on a website for LBGT.  I was just looking for encouragement.  I know God loves Kyle and I know he has a wonderful plan for him.  I can’t fix him, as much as I want him to be happy, I can’t.   I expressed his need to seek help, his work has that it is just he has to decide to take that step.  I have prayed all day for him, and prayed God would send him encouragement.   Your stories helped encourage me that God does hear me and he loves Kyle.  Thank you for trusting God and putting this site out there.  I am just a mom who loves her son.  Well that is really all, I just needed to talk it out and I appreciate letting me. 

December 2020

Finally, someone telling the truth about what it's like to be a preacher's kid. Thank you.


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