Original writings for The Epistle listed by the authors.

Authors: Bruce Gerig, Caroline Stacey, Catherine Benskin, Chad Gurley, Claude D. Ashby, Jr., Clifford Rivera, David W.T. Brattston, Dipo Olatade, D. Miess, D. Seiple, Edrick, Emanuele Macca, Erika Meyers, Erwin de Leon, Gennee, George Nochta, Gregg L. DesElms, Gypsy Rose, Halley Low, Ian, Jacob A. Taylor, James M., Jim Cucinella, Joe Fernicola, Joe Perri, Joey Heath, John Allen, John Beddingfield, John Montin, Joshua Wong, Justin R. Cannon, Justin Parks, Kari Morris, Karla McNeal, Katharine Royal, Kennan B., Kevin-TheGuyOutsideTheWalls, Larry L. Rice Jr., Lori Heine, Mario Gerada, Mary F. Grambsch, Micah Royal, Michael Piazza, Noel Bordador, Olga Nikiforova, Rick, Rick Wilson, Ryan Bradshaw, Shane K. Andersen, Sloopy, Susan E.Gilmore, T.K. Herrin, Tim Wolfe, Zell Schwartzman

Bruce Gerig

Homosexuality and the Bible Series:

The Clobber Passages: Reexamined 
    Supplement: The Bible & Homosexuality flier (A one-page flier for hand-out)
Biological Determinants and Homosexuality
Born Gay?
The Ex-Gay Illusion
A Very Hot Topic
    Supplement: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography
Biblical Inspiration and Authority

Sodom: A Traumatic Scene Revisited
Sodom: An Ancient Story Refashioned

The Levitical Ban: A Mysterious Puzzle
    Supplement: Uses of Zakhar/Zekhur ("Male") in the OT
The Levitical Ban: More Clues in the Case
The Levitical Ban: The Final Verdict

Divine Creation: In the Beginning
Divine Creation: After the Fall
Family Sexual Secrets in Genesis

Jonathan & David: An Introduction
Jonathan & David: Jonathan's Background
    Supplement: Homosexuality in Ancient Egypt
    Supplement: Homosexuality in the Ancient Near East, beyond Egypt
Jonathan & David: David's Background
    Supplement: Laying out a Time-Frame for Saul’s Reign
Jonathan & David: Their Meeting
    Supplement: David's Beauty and Jonathan's Love
Jonathan & David: Their Companionship
    Supplement: More On Saul's Sexual Insult and David's Losing It
Jonathan & David: Their Three Covenants
    Supplement: Jonathan's Gifts and Their Secrets
Jonathan & David: David's Lament
    Supplement: A Closer Look at David’s Lament, Part 1
    Supplement: A Closer Look at David’s Lament, Part 2
Jonathan & David: After Jonathan's Death
   Supplement: David and Jonathan and the Epic of Gilgamesh, Part 1
   Supplement: David and Jonathan and the Epic of Gilgamesh, Part 2
Jonathan & David: David's Women
_Supplement: Greek Homosexuality
Jonathan & David: The Debate Continues
   Supplement: Interpretative Issues in the Jonathan & David Debate
   Supplement: Narrative Issues in the Debate

"Jonathan and David, A Love Story"

Eunuchs in the OT, Part 1, Introduction and Summary
Eunuchs in the OT, Part 2, Castration in Ancient Assyria, Babylonia and Persia 
Eunuchs in the OT, Part 3, Hunting for Castrates in Israel before the Exile 
Eunuchs in the OT, Part 4, Hunting for Jewish Castrates during the Exile

Jesus the Intersexual
Jesus and His Beloved Disciple, Part 1
Jesus and His Beloved Disciple, Part 2
Jesus and His Beloved Disciple, Part 3
Jesus and His Beloved Disciple, Part 4

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and 1 Timothy 1:9-10
_Table 1: Bible Translations and Commentary Views on Malakoi and Arsenokoitai in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Introduction to Paul's Letter to the Romans
_Supplement: Roman Sexuality in Paul's World
An Analysis of Romans 1:18-32, Part 1 - An Exchange of the Creator God for Worthless Idols
An Analysis of Romans 1:18-32, Part 2 - A Giving over to Lustful, Dishonoring, and 'Unnatural' Sexual Behavior
An Analysis of Romans 1:18-32, Part 3 - Closing Issues in Romans 1:18-32

Other Articles & Studies

Searching for Noah’s Ark
Mysteries of Christmas

     Supplement: Have Astronomers Found the Star of Bethlehem?
The Lord's Prayer
Genesis 1 - Science and the Bible
      Chapter 1: The Hebrew Text and the First Creation Account
      Chapter 2: The Evolutionary View and Genesis 1
      Chapter 3: Five Approaches to Reconciling Science and Genesis 1
      Footnotes, References and Translations
The Spirit & the Flesh Part 1: Fulfilling Christ's Law of Love
The Spirit & the Flesh Part 2: Finding a Christian Gay Ethic
The Revelation Given to John
Is the Shroud of Turin Really Christ's Burial Cloth?

Caroline Stacey

Calling Out the Church

Catherine Benskin

What's in a Wristband?
Lily, So Beautiful

Chad Gurley

Luck Became Superstitious
He Believes In You
Love SOC (Stream of Consciousness)
You’ll Just Have To Excuse Me
Peace Beat

Save Me From Myself
The Light Seen
and he talked to me

help Lord
I feel good
The Stoning of Andrew
Subway Script
dream on God's shoulder
My Spiritual Abuse
singing birds
i watch the walls
live 1
Couple's Counseling
Birds of a Feather
The "Straight" Voice
life preserver
what is going on?
"Why Go and Do Likewise"
i can't wait for the day
invitation to smile
Jesus Prays
met my breath
Love God
Pain is Raw
A Coronavirus Poem
"If Your Church..." - Quote by Chad Gurley
I Always Thought
Humanity's Ultimate Question
My Dears
As you read this
There is a Cricket
footstep back

Claude D. Ashby, Jr.

The Celebration

Clifford Rivera

Someone Left The Door Ajar

David W. T. Brattston

Vital Differences

Dipo Olatade

Won by Love

Let Us Love One Another

D. Miess

What Is Truth
Resurrection From Rejection
I still believe

D. Seiple

Puzzlements at Cana
Pentecost: The Real Easter
Precarious Ambiguity
Baptismal Grace and Rampaging Santas


What Does It Mean To Be A GLBT Christian?
Being Spiritual In A Non-spiritual World

I Don’t Like Myself Much
14 Responses to 14 Fundamentalist Christian Myths
Everyone’s A Critic
Where Do I Go From Here?
Praise the Lord!
Me, me, me
Am I Really Still Saved?
My Stuff
Really Trusting In God

Seeing With The Eyes of God
Finding Love
Spiritual Awakening
Passing Along Pain
Lack of Faith? Or Will of God?

A Letter To Christians Who Don't Like Us
Mercy, Not Sacrifice

Coming Back to God
Us vs. Them
Choices and Options
The Adulteress
Let Your Light Shine
It's All About People
Armchair Christians
Sin Obsession
Jesus and the "Immoral" Woman
Our Tape Recorder
High Anxiety
Judge not...
Pain & Healing
Sticks & Stones
The Christian Perfectionist
I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can!
Going Back To That Place
"True" Christians Are A Mess!
The Real Reason Straight Americans Can't Accept Gay Americans
The Most Spiritual Thing You Can Ever Do
Seeds of Thought
the eternal wanderer
I Strongly Agree
The Legalistic Mind
Seeing the Good in Everyone
It's Time
Granting Grace
Dark Christians
Why I Love Jesus
The Devil
Father, forgive them...
Afraid of God
Intellectualizing God
Everything Changes
Peer Pressure
Deeper Spirituality: A Closer Walk With God
The 3 Temptations of Jesus
Sin and the Commandments to Love
Ghosts that haunt us
Positively Negative
Finding God Through All the Hate
The Simple Gospel of Jesus Christ
Praying for Others
When Doves Attack!
A Servant of God
The Love of Money
Let Go and Let God
The Holy Spirit
In Praise of Women - A Gay Man's Perspective
Hero Worship - Our Need to Idolize
Loneliness is such a terrible thing
A Portrait of A Disciple of Jesus
God's Ways Are Not Our Ways
What We Have Left Undone
Our Modern World - how much we have truly strayed
The Pain of Loss
Putting God First- A Call for a Revived Heart
Complain, complain, complain- (the opposite of thanksgiving)
Living Faith
The Body of Christ
Damaged Fruit
The Inside of the Cup
The Power of Fear
Christians Who Still Don't Get What Jesus Is All About
What If Jesus Was Here Today?
You are exactly where God wants you to be...for now.
Stuck in the Past
The Self-Centered Christian
Skulls are "IN" this year
Going on a Spiritual Diet
Why Would A Loving God Send Anyone to Hell?
Heaven Is Where God Is - Part 2 of "Why Would A Loving God Send Anyone to Hell?"
God's Toughest Lessons
Prayer in our walk with God
The Lukewarm Christian
Why Leaving The Church Might Be The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Spiritual Life
Why Me?
The New Atheists and the Excuse That Science Kills God
Modern Pharisees
Why I Give To Homeless People
God's Watching Eyes
The Day I Had to Apologize to a Stranger
I Believed Them
We Are Because of God
Our Freedom To Choose
Not Everyone Who Says to Me,'Lord, Lord'...
Difficult People in Our Lives
The Peace That Passes All Understanding
The Pain of a Broken Heart
The Significance of Footwashing
Love Deficit
Empathy & Compassion
Feelings & Emotions
Reading the Bible Spiritually
Warming the Pews
A Memory of My Mother
A Boy and His Father
Why did God put the Tree in the Garden if He knew we would fail?
Things Christians Do That Are Fundamentally Against Jesus' Teachings
What A Slum Village Taught Me About Real Community
The Metaphor of the "House"
Distracted Christians
A Time of Great Uncertainty
Social Distancing...from God
A Call For Repentance
Does It Really Matter?
A People Divided
Life's a bitch and then you die
Time for a Reset
Pulling Weeds
You Don't Have to Forgive
Sodom and the K Word
Examining Our Hearts to Purify Our Souls
Jesus' Forgiveness
Our Unwillingness to Change

Emanuele Macca

The Embrace of Three Mothers Who Warmed My Faith

Erika Meyers

"Everything Broken Gets Fixed"- Erika Meyer

Erwin de Leon

We Are All God's Children
It is our Church too.


Transgender and A Christian
God's Love for Transgender People
Reaching Out To Everybody
Does God Want To Display His Work In You?
A Light Shining Through Life's Rough Seas
A Transgender Woman's Prayer
The Jordan Road
Second Autumn

George Nochta

Lost Rosary Beads

Gregg L. DesElms

Speech by wedding commissioner at the protest against Proposition 8 in Napa, CA

Gypsy Rose

A Healing Prayer

Halley Low

A Spiritual Exercise To Help Make The New Year A New Year
a Modern 23rd Psalm
Our Father
What Jesus Has Done For Me.
Reflection on Prayer
Along the Way
Looking into the Mirror with Augustine: A Reflection on his Confessions
An Open Commentary to the United Methodist Church and all Christians of Good Faith
the wounds that bind us
to be the image of God
a matter of heart
suicide is not painless
living outside the cocoon
on Divine gifts & human rights
expectations, not so great
the moment matters
the church has no volunteers - oh my
Lord God


Lessons of a former Homophobe

Jacob A. Taylor

I, Christian

James M.

My 9/11 Story

Jim Cucinella

The God of Surprises
What You Have Taught Me In Prayer
Saturate Yourself With My Love
A Lullaby
Knock Down My Walls
Hope was born in Bethlehem
God is Love
Seeker of Truth
Love Is
God Knows
When Easter Comes

Joe Fernicola

Sunset Surprise
Oh Lord Jesus
Mother- A Life Anew

Joe Perri

A Gay Pro-life Catholic

Joey Heath

My Story

John Allen

Love Changes Things

John Beddingfield

Family Values
Bread of Life
Praying Naked
Looking and listening for the Good Shepherd
Dealing with Difference

John Montin

Integrity and Compassion
Uneasy Peace
Who Am I
Dual Death

Joshua Wong

Grace, a Gift from God
Love Your Enemies...Why?

Justin R. Cannon

Out of the Shadows

Justin Parks

Instantly Cured by Prayer

Kari Morris

The Prince and the Product
Goodbye To Her
God Sees Me
Heaven: A Letter to God
"The Problem With Bein' A Preacher's Kid"

Karla McNeal

The Still Small Voice

Katharine Royal

Out of the Closet...and Into a Box?!

Kennan B.

The Bottom Line


Sex and God Together? - Let's Do it!
Less Is More
Learning to Fly

Larry L. Rice, Jr.

Trickled Down

Lori Heine

When They Want Us Are We Being Ministered to, or Marketed to?
A Spontaneous Eruption of Family
Love in the Shadows
Letting Out Our Light
Droplets in the Ocean
Engaging Life
One "Yes" Leads to Another
"Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus"
Bread, Circuses, Christians and Lions
Superman's Splinter (Or Is It a Log?)
Are We Anybody?
Danger - and Opportunity
Opening the Door
What Comes Naturally
The Gospel According to Marge Gunderson
Our Chance to Say Thanks
Lift Every Voice
And Now, After the Holidays - the Real Saint Nick
Mrs. Quakenbush's Kumquats
What's My Line?
Evil Invaders from Outer Space
Through the Car-Wash With God
Keeping in Touch
Making Lemonade Out of Love
Entertaining Angels Unawares
God in Not in the Fire
Touching Lepers
The Pharisee's Worst Nightmare
Held High
Setting the Spirit Free
The Pause That Refreshes
Things That Make Us Go "Duh"
The Way We Are
The Priority-Driven Life
A Mystery Inscrutable
The Wayward Wind
Bad Religion
Collateral Damage
"Good" and "Happy" Shake Hands
The Highway
Everything I Looked At
Tio Leo's Livery Service - A Short Story
Heresy is a Cruel Mistress
All Souls-Without Exception
The Treadmill of Good Intentions
From Wanderers to Warriors
Thy Rod and Thy Staff
Whistling in the Dark
Like the Angels
A Particular God
Keeping the Season
Picture of a Black Hole
Eye to Eye

Mario Gerada

The Joy of Being
Yeshua In Our Midst
A Macho's Embrace
Gay and Holy?
Shades of Light
A Bunch of Nice Words about Love?
I was wondering...
God, Bells, Pride and LGBT
House Sparrow
Whose Lives?
The Gay Body - Incarnating Christianity
Gays Who Pray?
Waiting for Him
Troubled Peace
A Place to Rest
Ripples of My Christ
Rhythms of Understanding
Unveiled Being
Madness Without Him
The Wondering Soul
Fleeting Freedom
Exposed Soul
Journey of Bliss
Prayer to God
From My Room
Out of the Closet-Gay Catholics
Vision in a Dream
One Bird's Song
The Land always Remembers

Mary F. Grambsch

The Biggest Gift of All

Micah Royal

Confronting Bible Abuse
Confronting Bible Abuse, Part 2: Beginning Again with God
Confronting Bible Abuse, Part 3: Building a Support Network
Overcoming Bible Abuse, Part 4: Re-Discovering the Bible as a Book of Freedom

"What is a straight guy like you doing in affirming ministry?"
Lover's Lament
Words and hands that kill

Michael Piazza

I'm a Groomer
Acting Like Jesus

Noel Bordador

Christ in the Poor and Smelly Manger
The Wilderness
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Kingdom Without Walls
The Glorious Wounds of Easter
The Parable of the Prodigal Father
The Politics of Forgiveness as the Politics of Christ
Something About Mary
Why Go to Church?
Life is what happens to you
God's Disciples: A Motley Crew
"I'll Be Home for Christmas..." Welcoming the Homeless God
Be On Your Guard...Stay Awake!
Jesus: The Kiss of the Lonely God and the Lonely Man
Jesus Christ: The True Mirror of Ourselves
"I've fallen and I can't get up"
Good Gifts Come In Small Packages
Thank God It's Friday
Jesus: A Rebel With A Cause
Dear Santa?
On Discernment: Two Pitfalls to Avoid
For Every Time There's A Season: Praying Through Life's Changes
God Comes in the Night: A Reflection for Christmas
Love Don't Need A Reason
A Place at the Table
The Love of the Poor: The Criteria For Our Final Judgment
The Good Thief  - Ave, Crux, Spes Unica!(Hail, O Cross, Our Only Hope!)
The Love of God Knows No Bounds: Our Adoption As God's Children
Humbling Ourselves Before God - Our Need for Forgiveness
Spiritual Spic 'n Span
Alleluia! Christ is Risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!
Jesus the Good Shepherd
Enter through the Narrow Gate
Welcome the "Little Children"
Chop Wood and Carry Water
The Metaphor of the Journey
To Be In the World But Not of the World
Our Friendship with God
The Coming of God
Waters of Life
Following Christ's Suffering Service
"My Vocation is Love"- A Reflection of the the Life of Therese of Lisieux
Who Is My Neighbor?
Swimming in God's Love
Sustaining Our Prayer Life - A Study Guide
God's Loving Embrace
Rising To New Life
Just Being You
You Are Welcome
Faith and Action: The Great Disconnect
An Authentic Life Without Regret
Discovering Your True Self
Love in Community
God Embraces Us
The Compassionate Heart
Our Possessions that Possess Us
God Is Near
The Crooked Path to God
God Sees the Heart
Being A Good Neighbor
Our Beautiful Brokenness
Clearer Vision
Pruning Our Hearts
A New Life, A New Self
Love and Love Again
The Unexamined Life
Remove Your Sandals
No Outcasts
The Loneliness of Saints
Feeding the Multitudes
Come and See
Jesus in the Subway
How A Child Saved My Life
The Temptations of Life
Two Prayers
His Sacrament of Love
Christ's Love: A Harsh and Dreadful Love
Love for the Despised
Mercy & Compassion
Saved from Drowning
Wounds of Joy
Say "Yes!" to God
Easter & the Coronavirus
On Keeping Faith In Dark Times...
The Poverty of Loneliness and the Christian Antidote of Community
Our Dark Shadows
Emptying Ourselves
The Power of Words
A Home for the Homeless
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
The Blessing is Next to the Wound
Our Home in God
Hearing Jesus' Voice
La Buena Hora (The Good Hour)
God Calls Us
The Love of Money
Jesus Heals the Crippled Woman

Olga Nikiforova



Rick's Story

Rick Wilson

The Power of Trust

Ryan Bradshaw

We Do Not Need to Want
For Family
Tug of War
Walking with Pride
Right and Good
Catalpa Tree

Shane K. Andersen

How Can You Not Believe?
The Six Most Important Words


Forgiveness: Putting the Ghosts to Rest

Susan E. Gilmore

The Final Piece That Brought Peace

T.K. Herrin

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me", Philippians 4:13

Tim Wolfe

When the Spirit Prays

Zell Schwartzman

God you make my heart swing

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