In November 2003, I broke my foot.

Throughout the entire ordeal, I saw how God basically took care of me and all of my needs in such a wonderful way.

First to say I work as a photo assistant. I work for a photographer and I set up studio lighting situations so all the photographer has to do is take the pictures.

Well on this morning in November, we had some sets. The set designer had placed 2 boards on the ground to be painted. The boards were lying next to each other, but 2 corners were touching each other so one couldn’t just walk between them to get to the other side. I was thinking to myself as I walked by them, that I should really move them before someone gets hurt. I didn’t realize that someone would be me.

Well, I should have walked around the boards, but instead, I jumped over the 2 corners and because I had taken my shoes off and was wearing only socks…(I removed my shoes so I would not leave footprints on the seamless set paper)…I slipped and fell on my right foot. I felt a crack and I knew the ankle bone had broken.

But there wasn’t any pain. Rather, my foot was numb, much like when you fall asleep on your hand and it has a heavy, tingling, numb feeling…but no pain.

The crew was kind of astonished that I wasn’t screaming in pain or something (they thought I was in shock.) But I knew what had happened and there was nothing else I could do but wait for the ambulance.

Well the ambulance driver, the X-ray technician, the doctor and the surgeon all asked me, “Aren’t you in pain?” “Well...” I said, “My foot is numb and it is very uncomfortable, but no, I’m not in pain.”

Mind you, they are looking at my foot, which was basically pointing in another direction. YUCK.

It seems they have seen people who have had less awful injuries than me…who were screaming in pain. But I was not in pain. Even as the doctor was straightening out my foot to realign the bones (I declined any painkiller)…I only felt 2 “strings” of sharp pain that ran up the nerves of my leg for a split second and that was it.

That’s the worst it ever got. Yes, it was very uncomfortable, but it was never excruciating or unbearable.

That was miracle number 1. God spared the pain from me.

The second miracle about this situation was that I was insured. Now, that may not seem like a big deal because most people are insured through their job. But because of my chosen profession, I am self-employed. And money goes up and down for me. Some years I would make a lot and some years I don't. The point is, I cannot afford health insurance.

I remember several years back in the early 90’s worrying over the fact that I was uninsured…that if I ever had an injury, I would be in huge financial trouble. That day, I prayed to God about it and God gave me a peace. I had to trust that God was BIGGER than NOT having health insurance and that if I ever needed health insurance, He would provide it.

Well I met my partner who is also a Christian in 1995 and he knew I was uninsured. I told him that I trusted God to take care of me if I ever needed insurance. He said, “Well…you shouldn’t test God.” And I said, “I know, but the fact remains, I can’t afford health insurance right now.”

Basically I had been uninsured for 20 years, since 1982, the last time I worked for a company that paid benefits.

Well many, uninsured years passed without any injuries or medical problems.

My partner then got a new job in November 2002 and this company offered health insurance for gay people and their partners.
So he decided to get health insurance for me.

My first thought was “Uh, oh”… because I remembered my prayer to God, and His assurance that if I needed insurance, He would provide it. And my first reaction was…“Is something going to happen to me?” Mind you, I have been in perfect health most of my life and before my accident I was like, “Wow, I’m lucky to be one of those people who has NEVER been in the hospital.”

Well I had my accident a year later after my partner got insurance for me.

After 20 years of being uninsured and nothing happening…I was insured at the time of my accident. That is miracle number 2.

After my foot surgery, I needed 6 months for rehabilitation, so I couldn’t work because my job requires me to be on my feet all day long. After my accident my employer gave me a huge Christmas bonus and I had enough money to hold me over through out the entire 6 months. By the time April came around…my money had run out.

So when I returned to work…it was when I needed to go back to work. That was miracle number 3.

I had no debt. No bills. Everything was financially fine. God had taken care of everything. I was healed and could now return to my life.

And during that time, I had a partner who took care of me, friends who visited me, prayed and blessed me.

So in this event. I experienced no pain from my injury, my medical expenses were taken care of, I had no financial burden whatsoever and God confirmed that I could trust my life completely to Him and He would take care of me no matter what.

God has been amazing to me and I love Him even more for that.


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