Really Trusting in God

“Everyone says to me, “Trust God”. That’s easy for them to say. I believe in God and that He created the universe and human beings and I even think He knows me intimately, but what do you mean, 'Trust God'? Trust Him with what? To do what? I understand that when I pray and ask God to help me, I hope that He hears me and I hope that maybe He’ll see things my way…and maybe grant me what I ask Him…but I learned long ago…that He doesn’t always answer me, so I don’t expect too much from Him. Trust God? I’m trying. I’m really trying. It’s just very hard.”

Trusting in God is one of the hardest things to do as a Christian.
Life seems like a mystery and as we observe life around us…sometimes we wonder if God is even involved with us at all. It’s not easy to believe and trust Him with everything going on with us.
Is He REALLY listening?
We want to believe in Him, but why is it so hard?

Trusting in God is vital to our spiritual lives, yet our faith is so weak. If we only knew the amazing way that the Lord would open up to us if we would just open up to Him in belief. And the Lord has done an interesting thing…the more we trust in Him…the more He rewards us and reveals Himself to us. But when we doubt Him and don’t have faith, nothing ever happens. He doesn’t try to prove Himself or surprise us with a revelation to show us that we’re wrong.
You see the point is…it’s all up to you.
If you don’t believe that God will do much for you…
then guess what…He pretty much won’t.
You’re life will likely stay the same old way for a long time.
But if you trust in God to come and make your life new…
be ready for Him to come in like gang busters.
It’s very exciting.
Do you want to see miracles? You need to believe in miracles.
Do you want to see God move in your life.
You have to trust Him to move in your life.
It is simple…yet very, very hard.
God asks the hardest thing from us…to suspend our common sense, close our eyes to everything around us, put aside our knowledge of earthly reality and logic…and TRUST HIM.
Yes, trust Him to be REAL!


Well guess what? Something is happening.
God wants to see if you will still trust Him even if your prayers don’t turn out the way you want. He is trying to help us grow in our faith, and in order to do that He continues to raise the bar little bits at a time. As we grow spiritually, He asks us to believe more, and when things become difficult…He wants us to believe EVEN MORE.
God is not a genie or Santa Claus. He really can’t be manipulated to do just anything you want. There is no formula, or button you can push for God to perform tricks for you. Many prayers require submission, humility and obedience. And most prayers can only be answered when we participate and become active in our situation rather than just waiting for something to happen. Yes, God wants us to get off our butt.

You see, He has His plans and we have ours and they are usually VERY different. God DOES have a mind of His own, and of course we are disappointed when we don’t receive the answers we are looking for. But do we still believe? Do we doubt Him? Do we doubt ourselves?

After a prayer seemed to go unanswered…did you decide that God could not be trusted after all and gave up, having doubts again? God wants you to trust Him and keep on trusting Him. He may not have answered your prayer right away and He may never answer your prayers the way you want, but do you still believe and trust Him to do what is best?

This is the key: Belief and trust...and keep on trusting regardless of what is going on around you, even if things seem hopeless.
But God is real and is very aware of what is going on with you,
and He knows that most of the time you doubt Him.
But He does desire that you take that one leap of faith to trust Him with your life. And when you take that leap, He is finally able to wrap His arms around you. Jesus asks us to have faith as a little child.
But as adults, our past disappointments have corrupted us.
We need to go back to that place where we have unquestioning faith and believe as a child. And what does that mean? It means you have to:

Relinquish your mind’s control over all situations.
Take your hands off and let go of your fear & unbelief.
Stop trying to figure things out.

The hardest thing for us to do is release our faith.
When we truly trust the Lord with our hearts, we finally give Him permission and freedom to minister to us without us getting in His way.
He won’t force anything on us. But we must let go completely.
By NOT trusting Him…we are retaining our control over our situations.
But because of our limits as human beings, we really have no control anyway. Rather than telling God exactly what you think you need for yourself, ask Him to do what is best for you (Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done) and trust that whatever happens is what He wants for you for this time, and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.
God wants to give you a full and abundant life, but He only asks for you to believe in Him. The Lord can then make you the person He wants you to be, a person of true faith. Trust Him to be REAL!

“Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.” - Isaiah 26:4 NIV


© 2003 Edrick

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