Where Flowers Grow

A man journeyed to the mountain top in search of enlightenment.

He left all his belongings and possessions behind, and went only by himself. At the mountain top, he breathed deep, looking around just in time to catch a most Beautiful Sunrise coming over the horizon. He thought, surely this is where I belong, and he decided to stay. But, first he thought it right that he should return below and properly store and save all of his past possessions, for they represented his past life, which he would need no more.

When he returned to his home he gathered all his possessions, pictures, and momentous from childhood. He thought to himself, I do not need to store these, for I have moved from childhood. I do not need the things of my childhood. I will bury them.

So, he dug a hole, placing all his childhood possessions inside. Thinking about this, he decided that he could also place the things of his youth there, for he would not need them anymore either. He returned home and gathered his school work and other possessions from his youthful endeavors. He brought them back to the hole, and placed these things in it too. Now, he thought of his adulthood achievements, holdings, belongings, and possessions, the tools of his career. Again, he realized that he would not need these things any longer either. So, one more time he returned home, gathered all the things of his adulthood, returned to the hole, and placed them there as well, burying his last remaining possessions.

Once finished, he started back up to the mountain top. After a while, he stopped to look back at the hillside where he had buried his things. He saw only one lonely sunflower swaying in the wind where he had left the freshly covered dirt.


- Author Unknown

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