The Seacoast
I Asked God
Love, Charity, Forgiveness
Changing The World
A Prayer of Thomas Merton
The Legend of the Starfish

Pearly Gates
A Spiritual Exercise To Help Make The New Year A New Year
a Modern 23rd Psalm
The Birdcage Story
"The beginning of love..."-Thomas Merton
"I am a little pencil..."-Mother Teresa
The Stoning of Andrew
"Religion is like a knife..." - Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Grace & Mercy
World Puzzle
"Jesus did not come to explain away suffering..."_Paul Claudel
Folks in Heaven
"Memories of our lives..."- Rosa Parks
"Homophobia is..."-Coretta Scott King
I Know My Master
Baking A Cake
John Henry Newman Meditation
In Case of Rain
Building A Life
"Smile"-Mother Teresa
The Burning Hut
A Franciscan Benediction
To Forgive...
Broken Dreams
The Lesson of the Homeless Man
"Love is a Fruit..."-Mother Teresa
Flowers & Weeds
The Fence
The Celebration
God Will Save Me
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness..."-Martin Luther King, Jr.
Are You Jesus?
A Transgender Woman's Prayer
God's Embroidery
"We are not at peace..."-Thomas Merton
The Seven Wonders of the World
Through Me
Thank You, Lord
Little Girl In A Storm

"Preach the Gospel at all times..."-St. Francis of Assisi

The Monkey's Disgrace
4 Things You Can't Recover
A Piece of My Heart

Watch Your Thoughts

"Every moment and every event.."-Thomas Merton
The Blood of Jesus

How blessed are you?
"Spread love everywhere you go..."-Mother Teresa

The Sandbox
"All things must come to the soul..." - St. Teresa of Avila
Two Wolves
"There is meaning in every journey..."- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Everything Broken Gets Fixed"- Erika Meyer
The Window
"We do not exist..." - Thomas Merton

Gold Wrapping Paper
"...until I changed myself..." - Nelson Mandela
A Child Lives What He Learns
"Innumerable things are contained in love..." - Quote by Emanuel Swedenborg

"One of the greatest diseases..."- Quote by Mother Teresa
A Prayer
Cupcakes and Rootbeer
Mary Stewart's Prayer
Phone Call to God
A Gentle Reminder
Lovers and Haters quote by eden ahbez
"The Lord travels in all directions at once..." - Quote by Thomas Merton
The Visitor

Our Cross to Bear
"Were there no God..."- Quote by Christina Rossetti

Houses on Fire
"We must be ready to allow ourselves..." - Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Puppies for Sale
"When we harbor hate..."

The Little Girl in the Park
"Love consists in desiring to give what is our own..." - Quote Emanuel Swedenborg

Where Flowers Grow
The inability of most Christians to love one's enemies: excerpt by Archimandrite Sophrony from his book

The Lord's Voice
"No one is born hating another..." - Quote by Nelson Mandela
HATE - Quote by Maya Angelou
A Fresh Look

O Zion Haste
Lonely People

The Devil and the Duck
"Silence in the face of evil..."-Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Nonviolence is not a weapon of the weak..." Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Many Folks Want to Serve God...
Ritual Cat

Let Us Begin. - Mother Teresa Quote
Pessimist Optimist

Tio Leo's Livery Service - A Short Story
God's Time Frame

"...what joins the Lord and a person together." - Quote by Emanuel Swedenborg
Sheep Stories
The Earth
The Cold Within
Saint Anselm Prayer
Our Future

The Oyster
"To meet hate with retaliatory hate would do nothing..."- Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Satan Called a Worldwide Convention

Jesus in the Subway
Dear God, I have a problem...
Door Policy
Nobody Did It!

Lyrics to "St. Therese's Canticle of Love"
The Miracle
"To be grateful is to recognize the Love of God in everything..." - Quote by Thomas Merton
George Stott - the One-Legged Missionary
A Boy and His Father
I'm Thankful...
"Goodness is stronger than evil..."- Quote by Desmond Tutu
A Very Simple Poem

Mercy & Compassion
A Smile
I Asked God For Strength
"For prayer is nothing else than..." - Quote by St. Teresa of Avila
Isn't It Funny
"In the first centuries of Christianity..." - Quote by Peter Maurin
"You Just Can't Stop Love" - Quote by Ann Kiemel
Answered Prayer
Always Help Someone
"If you are neutral in situations of injustice..." - Quote by Desmond Tutu
When You Pray
The Best Mathematical Equation
"We are because..." - Quote by Emanuel Swedenborg
Walking in the Snow
"The only thing we owe absolutely to God is..." - Quote by Charles de Foucauld
"If you can't feed a hundred people..." - Quote by Mother Teresa
"If Your Church..." - Quote by Chad Gurley
"Do I not destroy my enemies..." - Quote by Abraham Lincoln
A Simple & Beautiful Prayer
"It is only because he became like us..." Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Plan Ahead
"Do your little bit of good..." - quote by Desmond Tutu
Twenty Dollars
"The best and most beautiful things in the world..." - quote by Helen Keller
Some People
"For every soul has 'its own' road..." - quote by Fr. Albert Peyriguere
Ten Sermons
"We stumble and fall constantly even when we are most enlightened..." -Quote by Thomas Merton
The Elephants
A Touching Story
Excerpts from "Room for Christ" by Dorothy Day
The Inability to Pray
"A Jesus who never wept..."- quote by Charles Spurgeon
Mother Teresa's Anyway Poem
The same sun..." - quote by Charles Spurgeon
Lord God
See how the Christians..." - quote by Peter Maurin
The True Test of Christianity

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