Door Policy

In the late 80s in New York City there was an old Gothic church building with towers and stain glass windows that was sold and converted into a hip nightclub.

The new nightclub opened with a doorman stationed at the entrance who looked out into the crowd picking who could come in and who could not. For its opening night they wanted celebrities, beautiful models, and important people to be in attendance. Like many nightclubs of the time, gays, lesbians, transgender drag queens and all those who were deemed queer, were ushered in immediately.

The door policy was to only allow the cool hip and beautiful people entrance while leaving the bland uncool regular folks outside waiting. Some of the outsiders waited patiently, sometimes for hours, hoping that the doorman would eventually let them in, but unbeknownst to them, if they didn’t get in right away then they were never going to be.

Of course now the real churches of today say that they love everyone and their doors are wide open to all, yet they are still quietly standing at the door deciding who is good enough to come in and who is not, this time...leaving gays, lesbians, transgender and queer folks waiting outside.

Some policies never change.


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