A Boy and His Father

Every evening when a man returned home, he was greeted by his 3-year-old son who ran up to him and lifted his hands up high for his father to pick him up.

After a big hug the man lifted his son in the air and placed him on his shoulders so the boy could see everything high above the ground.

Being a small boy, he could only see what was at his eye level and everything was bigger and taller than him, but on his father’s shoulders he could rise up and see EVERYTHING.

When his father put him down, the boy yelled “AGAIN” because he wanted to stay up high with his father. It made him feel grown up and one with his dad.

After the third time, the father said, “I have to put you down now.”
But the son asked, “Why? Why can’t I stay up here with you?”
And the father said, “Well, because you’re still a young boy. Soon enough you will grow up and be as tall as I am and you will be able to see everything too.”

It is like our relationship with God our Father.

There are times when we want God to lift us up so we can have all of His assurance, joy, love and blessings. We want to be lifted to be where He is. But there are times that God does not pick us up. Times when we are bewildered, uncertain, anxious or afraid and can’t see beyond our earthly existence here on the ground.

But God knows we need to experience this earthly life before we can ascend to heavenly places. We have many lessons to learn and our daily experiences, whether good or bad, open our spiritual eyes, which in turn leads us to wisdom. And the more we grow in wisdom, the more we are able to see with the eyes of the Father. This is how we grow up.


©2019 Edrick

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