Who We Are

Who are we? We’re Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender folks…just like you, who love the Lord and have experienced the rejection and coldness of our churches towards us. Many of us have been through long journeys to take us to this place where we have come to see that God hasn’t abandoned us. He has always been there for us and we love Him even more for that.

We also know that there are others like us who are still on their journey trying to reconcile the Lord and their sexuality.
Some of us were mad at God and walked away for long periods of time, feeling rejected by Him. Others have felt shame and guilt, knowing that we can’t change our sexuality no matter how much we’ve prayed or tried, thinking that God is condemning us.
When in fact none of this is true.

God created you especially. And being GLBT is part of His special plan for you…(though you may not feel that way now).
This is God’s message to you…that He has never stopped loving you and like the Prodigal Son who appeared down the road…our Father sees you and is running up the path to meet you, embrace you and tell you how much He loves you and has missed you.

Who are we? We are people who have discovered that God still loves us and we want to tell our brothers and sisters the good news of His amazing love and grace for us.

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