George Stott
the One-Legged Missionary

In 1854, a 19 year old, George Stott of Scotland, suffered a knee injury that led to his left leg being amputated 2 years later. It was while an invalid, that he became a Christian and gave his life to God.

In 1865, he heard that James Hudson Taylor was seeking missionaries to do pioneering work in China and he responded. Taylor accepted him and he sailed to China where he worked for the China Inland Mission.

When asked why Stott, being a one-legged man wanted to venture out to China to do mission work, Stott replied,

I do not see those with two legs going, so I must.”

He was later joined by his wife Grace and because of their work and proclamation of the Gospel, the city of Wenzhou is known today as the “Jerusalem of China.”


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