The Celebration
by Claude D. Ashby, Jr.

On Sunday morning, the lady who lived closest to the Church, invited the Pastor to her house for a celebration. The occasion was the birthday of the guest musician that played piano for the church on special occasions.

After the Pastor had returned home that afternoon from church,
he received a call from his wife. She was calling from the celebration and wanted him to arrive soon.

The Pastor reminded his wife that members of the tiny congregation knew that this was their wedding anniversary. No mention was made of it at church that morning, and therefore, he did not want to attend a celebration of someone else’s birthday.

The Pastor had no way of knowing what his wife found out when she arrived at the birthday celebration: the members of the tiny congregation had invited family, friends and neighbors to a surprise wedding anniversary celebration for their Pastor and his wife.

Nothing his wife said would convince the Pastor to join the celebration. He felt that by not attending the celebration, the congregation would be given a lesson on how to respect their Pastor.

The Pastor refused most of the gifts that those who attended the celebration brought him for his wedding anniversary.

Jesus said in Luke 14:11, For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.


© 2008 Claude D. Ashby, Jr.

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