We Are Because of God

As citizens of this world we are expected to do something with our lives.
We choose an occupation, find what interests us and engage in activities that ring true to our souls.

Whether teaching knowledge, creating art, music or technology, succeeding in a career, parenting a child, caring for those in need, or even assisting others...our accomplishments tell the world what we are all about.  All the good that we do is added to our treasure chest of things about us and we hope to gain the approval and admiration of our friends, family and peers.

Yet as Christians, we must remember that every good thing is of God. And everything good that is in us is because of God.

God created us and gave us our strength, health, intelligence, talents, personalities, love, compassion and joy and everything we are is because God our creator, our lover, made us with all the love He had.

We are because of Him.

And God has destined us to be in this world in the role that He planned especially for us. We are like no one else.

Yet we take credit for ourselves and leave God out of the picture as if we willed ourselves into existence. We lay claim for all that we have done and recall every good thing we have ever accomplished, but we always forget that it is God who made us who we are and all good things come from Him.

We need to remind ourselves daily, that everything we are and have is because of Him.

Each day we are alive is because God has given us a new day to follow our dreams and find our purpose in the world. And He supports us all the way. He just hopes that we will use all the gifts He's given us to share His love with others in the world.

Thank God daily for everything, because every good thing is of God and everything you are is because of Him.

Praise You Lord! We Love You!


© 2017 Edrick

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