Our Tape Recorder

From our early childhood to where we are now, we have all listened, gathered and catalogued all the voices that have come at us. Whether praises, remarks, opinions or curses, everyone who ever said anything to us has some way or another affected us and found a place on our own personal tape recorder.

This collection of voices from our past and present, have been recorded for us to replay again and again. Whether it’s words said decades past or 5 minutes ago, we remember those words that touch our very core, words that were directed only at us. Some words are positive, having blessed and helped us to grow, but those are never the ones we replay.

Most of the time, we record and playback those words that sting us. (And words that hurt us the most are the ones that stay with us the longest.)
Because we never shut off the tape recorder, our lives can never move forward.
We’re kind of sadistic to ourselves like that.

We all have words that were said by our families:
“You’ll never amount to anything!”
“You’re stupid!”
“I should have kicked you out long ago!”

Those from friends and lovers:
“You’re getting fat!”
“The problem with you is…”
“I think this isn’t working out!”

And some spoken from the church:
“Homosexuality is a sin!”
“God hates gays!”
“Unless you change, you’re going to hell!”

Yep, we’ve got a whole library of negative stuff on our tape recorders which we replay to ourselves over and over and over. When we’re feeling blue, we usually turn up the volume and set the tapes to loop for hours of listening displeasure.
Soon it’s not someone else saying things to us, but we’re repeating the bad things to ourselves like a mantra. "I'm a loser. No one likes me."
Everything that anyone has said to us has become LAW in our minds.
“Why would anyone want to be friends with me.”
“My life is going nowhere.”
“God's abandoned me.”

Our personal tape recorder will continue to record and playback everything about us. But we need to do something about these voices because they are just plain bad for us. When you play and replay negative things, you end up believing everything and taking them as the truth, and because of that, there is a chance that you may never be able to be yourself.
You are trapped by other people’s voices.

Let me be the first to give you permission to press the STOP button.
How much longer do you plan to replay all this bad stuff?
Until you die?

These voices are ALL wrong.
And how can I say that?
Because these are words from people.
People are only people.
Words said out of anger, frustration, impatience, prejudice, intolerance, bias, arrogance, etc…are never true.
And because they are spoken by people with their own flaws, spoken without love, spoken from only the speaker's point of view...they also can be flawed.

The one and only voice to listen to and believe is the voice of God.

Unfortunately, most of us let human voices drown out God’s voice. We play and replay the bad people voices, but when we hear God’s voice, we dismiss it.

Everyone hears God voice.
It’s right there written on each person’s heart.
Everyone whether Christian or not, has at one time or another heard the voice of God.

When you first heard a preacher say, “God condemns homosexuals”, I'll bet there was a quiet voice within you that said, “That's not true, because the God I know is fair, loving and forgiving. He knows my heart.”
That is the Holy Spirit revealing the truth.

But many of us, tune out the voice of God and only record human voices.
This is bad. You cannot live and die by the words of people.

The voice of Jesus is the one to listen to.
He has the words of knowledge, forgiveness and love that we need to hear.

We all have the Spirit of God right there smack in the middle of our soul which has been speaking to us for all this time, though we have let it become only a whisper.

We need to open our ears, turn up the volume on God’s voice and fade out the voices of people who have caged us in their prison of remarks, opinions, judgments and generalizations.

Erase those old tapes with all those old, dead, tired voices of the past and hear the new words of the living Christ Jesus who died for you because He loves you so much.

Shhhh. Listen! He is talking to you!

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” – Matthew 11:15

© 2004 Edrick

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