Social Distancing...from God

Since the coronavirus has pushed its way into our lives with social distancing, stay at home and isolation rules, we have learned that it doesn’t take much…2 months...3 months…before many of us have become nervous, anxious, empty and lost.

In Genesis God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” (Gen 1:18a) We as humans we were born to be social beings. We were created to be in relationships.

The first person we connected to was our mother, a relationship that was necessary for our survival. Our fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends joined in to become an important part of our circle and who had a say in how we developed, learned and became as an important part of the society. It is through these relationships that we gained our identity and our place in the world. People in our lives are just as important to our well being as eating and breathing .

But now with the pandemic, our support system has dismantled.

We are not able to physically be in contact with our friends and loved ones as often as we would like. It is by the grace of God that this pandemic is occurring at a time when we can still communicate with each other through technology, but it is still not the same as being in the presence of someone one on one.

Some of us have moved ourselves into isolation and have become a recluse. Some may be with our families or loved ones, but still might be retreating inwards as our social lives, ambitions and goals seem to be evaporating.

Being isolated has confronted us with who we really are and all that goes with that.

We no longer able to engage in many of the activities that have interested us, kept us entertained and distracted us. We have only our thoughts and feelings and our true selves are emerging. Any of the fears and insecurities we have kept at bay are now coming out.

If you were an outgoing, sociable person, the solitude may be pushing you to despair. Or if you are an anxious person to begin with, the isolation may be putting you over the edge. And if you are a loner, the odds are you are going deeper into your own world with no one to check in or keep you in your right mind.

The virus is ravaging our spirits even if we may never catch it.

People in our lives are part of the fabric of who we are, but we forget that it is God who has been with us since the very beginning. Many of us who were fulfilled by our previous life have only ourselves now, yet all of who we are is because of God. Our busy lives had kept us distanced from the One who loves us the most, but now that has all changed.

When we chose to follow Jesus, He guided us to become more like Him, but many of us still held back from Him. Our busyness that took up every corner of our life, has been put on hold and now we have the opportunity to draw closer to our Savior. Though we are limited in how close we can be with other people, we have no limits on how close we can be to Jesus.

God is the one who will sustain us through this pandemic and desires to give us His Unconditional Love and Everlasting Peace. And each step closer to Jesus only makes our relationship with Him more intimate and more beautiful. He has so much He wants to teach us. He has so much He wants to show us. And He wants to fill us with His Holy Spirit. But we have to open up and step closer towards Him. Everyone and everything has been pushed further away, but He wants us closer.

Open up your heart to Him and He will come to you.


©2020 Edrick

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