Seeds of Thought

Every few seconds we all get little thoughts in our heads.
All kinds of thoughts, good and bad. All these thoughts are as seeds. It’s like a flurry of seeds in our minds.
We have thoughts about ourselves, about other people, about God, about our life, our past, etc.

Thoughts about everything and nothing.

We also have the ability to grab any one of these seeds with our fingers and look at it. We can keep that seed and plant it or we can let it go back into the winds of our thoughts. Many of these tiny thought seeds we have pulled aside and begun to water. And many of them are full grown plants, nurtured since we were young.

So what exactly are some of these seeds?
Well we can have the seeds of fear, or the seeds of bitterness, or the seeds of self-pity or the seeds of name a few.
But we also have the seeds of love, the seeds of hope and the seeds of goodness.

Well everything starts with a thought. A passing thought.
Many of us focus on a particular seed, usually a seed associated with a hurt, a struggle or a fear...and we grab it and start watering it. And just like that, it begins to grow. One thought becomes an idea, an anxiety, a desire and can eventually become a sadness or a resentment or a regret. Left to grow, it can become an obsession, a phobia, or a dark cloud and the results can be a mess.

Suppose, for example, you’re having a good day and you walk by a stranger who reminds you of someone you once loved. Well you start to think about that person and how your relationship was so beautiful and special.

OK, so we all have episodes like that.

But what happens if, you keep watering that seedling and it continues to grow. You then come to the part when the relationship soured and before long…after playing and replaying the're blue and your happy day has taken a freefall.

The seedling continues sprouting and instead of being blue you are now getting seriously depressed where it begins to affect your thought process and daily life. The tiny seed has become a giant ugly plant overtaking your house and wrecking havoc.

This also applies to thoughts of anger. Thoughts of self-loathing.
Thoughts of resentment. Thoughts of failure. Thoughts of betrayal. There’s no stopping the seeds once they’ve been watered.
Any one of these ugly seeds can grow and overtake all other thoughts, leaving us prisoner to these ugly plants of thorns, vines and branches, which eventually take root, entangle and crush us.

Well we also have the chance to grab onto good seeds like
the seeds of forgiveness, or the seeds of healing, or the seeds of reconciliation, or the seeds of unconditional love.

If we hold on to these seeds and nourish them instead of the bad ones we can have a garden full of plants that bring us hope, love, joy, peace and beauty. And as we continue to nurture them, they will flower and bear fruit. As these seeds grow in our hearts and minds, they blossom in our speech, attitudes and actions, and before long we find that our life has taken a positive turn. Our thoughts are different, our moods are different, and we have changed for the better. We also have the strength, understanding and wisdom to resolve and undo the fruits of our bad plants.

When we pass on the fruits of these plants, we give these seeds to others and soon there is an amazing garden community.

It’s never too late to start fresh by letting the Lord clean your house of the old, dead, fruitless, monstrous plants and planting the fresh seeds of faith, hope and love.

Every thought that runs through your consciousness has the potential to bring you joy, or make you a prisoner. We have the potential to grow anything.

Just be careful which seeds you water.

© 2006 Edrick

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