14 Responses to 14 Fundamentalist Christian Myths

Fundamentalist Christians have certain beliefs that are a bit unscriptural and illogical. Here are a few things to say to them to remind them of some basic Christian ideas that they may have forgotten in the heat of their venomous mouth foaming outbursts.
Before we begin, as not to judge ALL fundamentalists with the same brush, there is a particular distinction we will make from these particular fundamentalists and the average fun loving fundamentalist.
OUR definition of a “Fundamentalist”…
A person who says he is a Christian Fundamentalist, but somehow doesn’t believe that God loves anyone else except other Christian Fundamentalists.

1. God Hates Gays.
It’s a fact that God loves straights…but He also loves gays, lesbians, bisexuals & transgenders. He really just loves everyone, no matter who they are…especially the rejected and outcasts of society,
(That would be us).

By the way, a reminder…God doesn’t HATE anyone.

2. Jesus condemned homosexuality.
Well Jesus never said a single word about gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transgenders.  Jesus actually condemns those who condemn others and told us NOT TO JUDGE OTHERS (Matt 7:1 5).

Judging seems to be a fundamentalist’s favorite past time.

There’s also the story of The Pharisee & The Publican (the religious guy who thought he was better than the tax gatherer, who knew he was a sinner).  It seems the religious self-righteous Pharisee was put at the end of the line. (Luke 18: 9 14).

3. Gays are going to hell
For those who believe in that place of eternal damnation…I suppose gays who don’t believe in Christ will go to hell. Of course straights that don’t believe in Christ will also go to hell. It seems here that all people who don’t believe will be going to hell.  However…John 3: 16 says that whosoever (which includes us) believes in Christ will have everlasting life. John 11: 25, 26 say the same thing.

That means that a gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender person who believes in Christ will be saved because the Scripture tells us this is true. The Scripture DOES NOT SAY…“ For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life…except for gay, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders who are going to hell unless they change their ways.”

Celebrate. We are saved because we believe, regardless of our sexuality.
This is the GIFT OF GOD.

4. God created Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve.
Yes He did create Adam and Eve. But He did create Steve…and Yvette as well…afterwards. He created all people including gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgenders. And all of these people He created…He loves.

Adam and Eve were the beginning of mankind, but that doesn’t mean that our purpose in life is to be naked vegetarians screwing around to multiply and keep filling the earth.

Fundamentalists use this "catch phrase" to sum up why gay marriages should be banned, saying it undermines the family. But if they are really concerned with the family, they should instead petition the government to make laws banning divorce and remarrying, both sins of adultery. And those in 2nd or 3rd marriages should be excommunicated from the church since they are living a life of sin, as well as fired from teaching or leadership positions since they would be bad role models. After all, adultery is breaking one of the 10 commandments, a direct commandment from God. Yes? And I believe that the argument against gay marriage is that gays can't procreate. So if procreation is the point of marriage, shouldn't the Pill, condoms and all other forms of birth control be against the law? And seniors shouldn't be allowed to marry either since they can't have children.

Hmmm. Why does it seem different now?

5. God loves the sinner, but hates the sin.
Many fundamentalists will say the same thing about themselves.
“I love the sinner, but hate the sin”. This is one of the most arrogant and self-righteous statements to justify prejudice I have ever heard. The implication is #1 that they are not sinners, and #2, that they are so noble and humble that even they are able to love us despite OUR imperfection.

For many GLBT people...their sexuality is the only real thing in their lives and to hate "the sin" is really a way of saying, "and we hate you also."

Well…if they really LOVED the sinner (referring to us), why is it that chances are they haven’t lifted a finger to talk to gay people, befriend us, invite us to dinner, or find out what we go through? And if they do, their only goal is to change us. We are a project to them. A challenge to be conquered. There is no real love for us.

The only contact they make with us is to tell us we’re going to hell and usually from across the street or on a TV monitor. They like to say they love us because it makes them look like saints…but fact is…they don’t want us anywhere near them. The same thing for the homeless, prostitutes, crooks, etc. (All the people Jesus cares about)

Well my response is... I love the Christian Fundamentalist.

I just hate THEIR SIN of arrogance, nastiness, self-righteousness, lack of love, judging and condemning us, calling us names, sending us to hell, spreading lies about us, making our lives unbearable, acting like they are God, telling us that God hates us, blocking us from their churches...shall I go on?

Praise the Lord. Jesus loves us more than these nervous folks ever will.

6. Gay Sex is against nature.

For us who are gay, having sex with the opposite sex would be unnatural.

7. Homosexuality is learned behavior.
Since there has never been a school for gay behavior, how did we learn to be gay? Our straight parents? Straight advertising? Straight TV? Straight movies? Straight friends and family? Everything and everyone PUSHED heterosexuality behavior onto us. And why didn’t decades of heterosexual programming make us heterosexual? BECAUSE WE ARE NOT HETEROSEXUAL. WE ARE WHO WE ARE.

If you make the assumption that a person “learns his sexuality” then that means every straight man and woman has had to learn how to be straight. Someone taught them to find the opposite sex attractive?
I don’t recall any such training programs…do you?  Why? Because everyone figures out when they hit puberty who they’re attracted to.

8. Gays Can Be Changed.
First of all, we’ve all tried to change and surprise… it doesn’t work.

Asking us to be attracted to the opposite sex is the same as asking a straight guy to give up women for other men. Why does this situation seem impossible when it is placed on the other foot?

Many of us have prayed, cried, and repented a million times, yet we still have not been changed. Why not? Because there is nothing wrong with us. God has not changed us because THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH US!

And those who have changed? If someone says they have changed, I will not take that away from them. God Bless him/her.

9. Being gay is OK as long as you’re celibate.
Of course people who make this statement are straight people who are able to date, be in relationships, marry, have someone to talk to, share with, cuddle with every night and plan a future.

So according to fundamentalists… I’m expected to live a lonely isolated life til I die because a few Grand Wizards, who have never met me, have decided this for me?

They say we are never to love or be loved, never to lust, never to have sex, never to marry and be content with that. They deny marriage to us...yet accuse us of promiscuity.

Many say we should avoid homosexuality like lying or stealing, but I will say that even those who lie and steal are able to love someone.

They also compare homosexual behavior to heterosexual lust, both sins to be avoided, but the difference is...they have the ability to marry one day, but we have to remain celibate the rest of our lives. Thanks a lot!

To those self appointed people who think we should be celibate for God, I say to them, "Then why don't YOU do it and let's see how long you last!"

Jesus said in Luke 11: 46 in his Woes to the Pharisees:
"Woe to you lawyers as well! For you weigh men down with burdens hard to bear, while you yourselves will not even touch the burdens with one of your fingers."

The only one I will follow is Jesus, my Lord and Shepherd.

10. Gays are pedophiles.

Saying all gays go after young boys is the same as saying all straight men go after young girls. (Though judging from a Prime-Time TV show that regularly catches and exposes older men who go after underage teens...I wonder.)

Gay men would like to meet other gay men.NOT children and NOT straight men (why do straight men think all gay men want them? Perhaps there is a gene in straight men which makes them think everyone finds them attractive.)

And since we're talking about criminal behavior…I can probably safely assume that all straight men are criminals! After all, aren’t all murders committed by heterosexual men? Gang violence, drug trafficking, spousal abuse, rape, corporate scandals, gun shootings, mugging, car jacking AND child abuse…are all done by heterosexual men! I guess that means heterosexuality is inherently evil! No?

Wake up!

11. Gays live a wild promiscuous life.

Yes, there are many gay men who live a wild sex crazed life.

But there is a huge portion of the straight population who regularly indulge in sex hookups, one-night stands, and sex for pay, all trying to have a good time and maybe find their soul-mates. And yes, there are even Christians who fall into this. GASP!

Of course, I have heard rumors that 60 something percent of married people cheat on their spouses...and judging from some daytime TV...it seems that straight people are running amok screwing each other and their cousins. Is it just me?

Those in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks (or as Jesus said...throw the first stones).

And I'm sure when straights encounter gay sex images on the internet, they are repulsed, deciding that the gay life is ALL about sex orgies. Well I guess then, that means that all straight porn is a correct depiction of the heterosexual life also. Right?

Just as there are wild straight men and women running around looking to hook up, there are also boring, quiet gay monogamous couples who stay at home, watch TV and read, like everyone else…oh and by the way…they love the Lord and go to church every Sunday and even sing in the choir.

12. Gays go out and recruit young people.
Gay people do not go out to recruit young people. Gay people go out to try to meet other gay people. We do not go to schools with brochures advocating the advantages of gay life. “Come and join the gay life. Verbal abuse, depression, rejection, harassment, ridicule, family separation…it’s yours for the taking.” Usually an attempt to recruit a young man to the gay life results with a swift punch in the mouth.
By the way, the average gay person discovers they are gay on their own, without the help of anyone else.

13. AIDS is God’s Punishment For Homosexual Sin.
Oh really? Then tell me what the sin was of those who perished in the World Trade Center? What about the victims of the Holocaust? Or the Asian Tsunami? Or Hurricane Katrina? How about people who die of heart attacks? What about cancer victims?

If AIDS is God's punishment for homosexuality, then I guess Gonorrhea, Genital Herpes, Syphillis, Crabs, Chlamydia, Human Papilloma Virus, Hepatitis, Trichomoniasis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Genital Warts...etc...etc....etc....is God's punishment for Heterosexuality! That's the only conclusion we can make. Right?

Stop thinking like a 5 year old.

14. Being Gay is a Choice.
If some straight people really believe that sexuality is a choice, then that means they believe every person is bisexual (has the capacity to go either way) and if they think we have a choice, then that means there was a time in their own lives when they themselves had to decide if they wanted to be straight or gay. So you do agree then that God made YOU bisexual, yes?  And you made a choice to be straight...am I correct?

Because that is what you are basically saying when you say that "we chose to be gay". Why would we have the ability to choose to be gay...but you were born straight? I don't get it. Where was I when all the kids at school were trying to decide whether to be gay or straight? Were there discussions and forums with adults helping to lead us to the better decision?

If it was a choice, why are there so many tormented teens who commit suicide? They could just have easily chosen to switch rather than kill themselves.

If we were able to, we would have ALL chosen to live in the safer, easier world of heterosexuality, but we couldn’t because our sexuality is something that we cannot choose or change.  And if it were a choice…why would anyone choose a lifestyle that causes divisions and harassment with friends, family and society?

Fundamentalists like to say we have a choice because it makes us responsible for making ourselves gay. In so doing, it makes it OK for them to make judgments about us that ONLY GOD CAN MAKE. And it seems even the Father does not judge us. See John 5:22. In condemning us, they are putting themselves in the position of God…and we know what Jesus said about these kinds of people.

The only real choice we do make, is to accept the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and to rest in His eternal love.  Jesus came not to judge us, but to save us. (John 3:17, John 12:47)  And protects us from unhappy control freaks. Praise the Lord!


© 2003, 2011 Edrick

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