Our Modern World- how much we have truly strayed

Several years ago after a doctor visit, I found out I had high cholesterol and was following in the footsteps of my father who died from heart disease. My doc put me on pills to bring the numbers down, but the side effects were terrible. I could not take it. The only other way was to become a vegan. I basically changed overnight from an animal/bird/fish/dairy/junk food/sugar/salt/fat I-will-eat-anything diet to a simple fruit/salad/veggie/no junk food diet.

The health benefits started materializing only after a few months on my strict diet and to my amazement, I saw my arthritis disappear, I dropped 25 pounds, my circulation improved, my cholesterol numbers dropped, my mind became clearer, my life-long allergies went away, my immune system ramped up and my body felt like I was 30 years old again. It has been INCREDIBLE! And I only wanted to reduce my cholesterol numbers to keep the doctor happy!

Up to that point, I had felt my body slowly deteriorating. But to suddenly feel my body turn around and all the aches, pains, stomach issues, allergies...vanish, I was astounded. My body was getting BETTER NOT WORSE and I wasn't even officially sick! All the false ideas about food, health, aging and modern medicine went out the window. I wasn't aging at all...it was the FOOD ruining my body!

When I changed my eating, in a sense, eating the way God meant for us to eat, and preventing the man-made, manipulated food from getting into my system...my body HEALED ITSELF naturally. I realized that God did NOT create humans to grow old badly, become overweight, lose our minds or fall into debilitating diseases. He designed our bodies to be strong, resilient, and able to handle almost anything, even though we treat it badly. But if we indulge in excesses, whether alcohol, meats, junk food, pastries, sugar or drugs...our body eventually will suffer. It can only take so much.  We reject God's food that keeps us healthy and substitute it with our own. God did NOT create cancers or heart disease or diabetes, but we gave it to ourselves. Disease is a product of our society, our environment and our chosen way of life.

In our world today it isn't only God's food that we have moved away from. We have FORSAKEN the natural system of God in EVERYTHING.

Instead of walking in fields and climbing hills which would keep our bodies moving and healthy, we have flattened and paved over God's natural earth and filled them with cars so we don't have to walk any more than a few feet. Since the beginning of time, there was no other way but to be outdoors, but because of electricity, people today are barely in the fresh air and sun, instead choosing to stay indoors for most of our life. The medical profession insists we must avoid the sun because of skin cancer, yet despite people barely go outside and using sunscreen, the skin cancer rate is STILL going up. Well, now we find that people have huge Vitamin D deficiencies1 from...you guessed it...not getting enough sun and using sunscreen.  Vitamin D from the sun is necessary for many body functions including helping our immune system...and if you didn't know...it is our immune system that fights cancer. So is it really the sun that causes skin cancer or is it that avoiding the sun is one of the reasons our immune system is too weak, along with bad food, pollution, smoking, drinking, stress, lack of sleep and exercise?

And God created the night. We had no choice but to go to sleep when it became dark, but because of electricity, we don't sleep regularly or enough hours, which by the way, is when the body fixes itself and is also necessary for our immune system.2 Ever notice that when you get sick, your body wants you to go to bed? That is because sleep is when your body uses all its energy healing, cleansing, replenishing and putting everything back in order for the next day's activities.

We have been told that we must live in a sparkling, clean, germ-free environment and our homes are filled with products to clean, polish, fix and kill these germs. But these products contain TOXIC CHEMICALS that we breathe and touch. Some of these chemicals are KNOWN to cause cancer in people, yet we use them and breathe their fumes everyday, along with the toxic fumes from rugs, fabrics, and furniture in our homes. Our households are filled with toxic chemicals3 that are linked to cancer.4 And we know now that it is actually good to be exposed to various germs and bacteria as it makes our immune systems stronger so our bodies can recognize and fight these diseases better.5

Because of our QUICK FIX society, we want PILLS to make our health problems go away, when in fact they only MASK our symptoms and give us SIDE EFFECTS, which can be "fixed" with a different pill, some worst than the disease, yet the disease still REMAINS. The pills NEVER CURE the disease. They just make you rely on more pills. Ever notice how people with diabetes are never cured of diabetes with pills. Or that heart disease patients taking heart medications STILL DIE of heart disease? The only ways to change these health conditions are by eating food that God gave us (fruits and vegetables), abandoning man-made food, eating less animals and exercising regularly. Yes, people, have eaten meat since the beginning of time, but before the refrigerator, meat was only eaten sparingly. Before industrialized food, animals roamed free and their meat didn't contain antibiotics, additives and growth hormones. Now, every meal has meat of some kind, pouring excess fat and cholesterol into our body daily...more than our bodies can handle. And let's not forget about the prescription drugs that are supposed to help with these diseases. Anyone with a major illness is looking at an array of pills to be taken daily and their side effects are NOT GOOD. Drugs are not a health food. The list of side effects tells us that the body can't tolerate them.

Each of us must work to take care of ourselves here in our world, but some of us focus on our careers to prove ourselves, make money and succeed. Some workaholics place their careers ahead of their families, friends and even God. Their job is their idol. Stress is the man-made pressure placed on us by society to perform. When God created us, there was no stress. There were no jobs or careers. We compete against each other because we want to be the BEST...The Winner. In our world everyone is expected to run the hamster wheel to be the Winner. Of course we know that stress is a factor in a whole host of sicknesses.6

Our materialistic consumer driven culture has created in us an appetite for more wealth and money to get more stuff. Companies who love money make the stuff that we can't live without and their factories churn out this stuff that burns fuel, uses chemicals, cuts down trees, mows down the earth, sucks out oil, ruins the air, pollutes the planet, creates toxic waste and will end up in a landfill for thousands of years.

Because of the car, the TV and the computer, we have moved farther away from each other and become strangers. So many of us would rather sit for hours, days, and months in front of a TV or computer instead of spending it with people. Our lack of human contact has made us socially inept and as our friendships fade so too goes our support system. In the past we met with our friends and made eye contact, watching each other's expressions and doing things together. Today people just check out each other's status on Facebook and text sentences to each other thinking that is all that is needed to sustain friendships. Yet people today are lonelier than ever.

In the past, communities thought about how something might affect their neighbors. Today, it's every man for himself. We don't want to know how other people are doing or if they suffer, we only care about ourselves. Instead of working out problems and issues together as a community, we seek our own way and to hell with everyone else. We have lost all civility. The Internet has allowed us to say whatever we want hiding under a shroud of anonymity and people today are rude, cold, indifferent, nasty and just spit out opinions to win an argument. We don't listen to anyone or have conversations. We just scream, accuse and run away.

Humankind, with our ego, arrogance and pride, celebrated that we could change the world to suit our own tastes, but now that modern world is falling apart and taking us down with it. Our entire way of living is out of step with the way God originally placed us in this world. Every time humans get our hands on something...we wreck it. Of course, that has always been the case since the Fall of Man. We wanted to go our own way instead of God's, so now we see the results.

Our polluted planet, our dying wildlife, our failing health, our continuous wars, our disintegrating social system and our society running amok is a testament to the failure of our way of doing things. We have abandoned the way of life that God had set up for us that kept us and the planet healthy, pushed us into fellowship and created a community that cared for each other, survived and flourished in Him.

And the worst of it is how our twisted way of thinking has altered how we worship God. So many Christians look to God to help them in this world. People pray for their own churches...but could care less about the people outside of it. People pray so that their favorite sports team will win and the other team will lose. People pray for one political party to beat another political party. People pray to win a war and our enemies to die. We pray for more money, a bigger house and better career. Instead of praying for God's will to be done on earth and in our lives, we selfishly tell God what we want and expect Him to grant it to us. We can't see that the reasons our prayers are not answered is because our priorities are messed up. It's not about OUR Kingdom, it's about GOD'S Kingdom!

Jesus came to transform this world away from its self-centered ways and taught His people to turn away from the world and move closer to God. But today, so many Christians pray to God to help them succeed in this world not realizing that it is only by separating from it, can we truly find Him.

After all of this, I am not meaning to say that we must stop the products of modern life like electricity, cars, computers, phones, etc. I am not promoting a Utopian society. And I am not saying that by abandoning man's ways, that we would be any closer to God spiritually. All of these things have changed the world for the better and there is no turning back. But these things are NOT to be abused. TVs, computers, and video games are good for learning and entertainment, but should not replace real education, dialogue, or getting together with real people. Industrial food, canned, packaged or processed is OK once in awhile, but should not replace healthy diet of real food. Social media networks were meant to help us keep in touch with each other, not replace human contact.

So many of us are obsessed with food. So many of us abandon people to spend time with a machine. So many of us focus on work, money, material goods and toys instead of on God and His people. So many of us care only about ourselves and no one else. And too many of us are more concerned about our earthly life than about the Kingdom of God.

The Fall of Man wrecked everything and we cannot go back to EDEN LIVING, but the sooner we shed the wrongs of the world and move closer to how God set up humankind to naturally live in harmony with our bodies, minds, the earth and each other, the sooner we can free ourselves from some of the physical, emotional and spiritual problems that have put us and our world out of orbit.

We need to make some hard decisions and prioritize how we live and what we support in this modern world. Look in your heart and ask God to free you from the ways of our toxic Modern Life. Confront your habits and addictions that keep you preoccupied and away from Him and His people. Learn to wean yourself off plastic processed food and eat REAL food that includes more fruits and vegetables. Walk, run or bicycle instead of driving everywhere. Work to curb your obsession to shop, consume and collect stuff that you don't need. Turn off the TV and computer and spend time with God. Detach from the obsessions of pop culture and the political arena and seek GOD'S KINGDOM. Try to meet up with your friends in person instead of just Facebooking them. Consider volunteering to help those in need and get involved with people to work to create a community of quality people who will be there for each other. Learn to live a simpler life and in the Spirit of God. There is so much we can do to make things better for our families and the community. If we keep our eyes on God's ways instead of man's ways...our life, our community and our world will change for the better, all the way around.


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©2012 Edrick

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