LoveSOC (stream of consciousness)
by Chad Gurley

Love. It's a difficult one, huh? We read it, we look at it, we hear it, we say it, we wonder upon it. Love. Love. Its ocean vast. Love. There are so many different feelings that come alive in us, some that we may grieve, some that we might even doubt, some that's beauty is forever, some that lift us to soar evermore. Love. Can mere I even begin to describe it? Love. Human beings experience it, frolic in it, find tremendous happiness in it, succeed to it above all others, but keep it far at bay for fear of the extreme sadness that may too accompany it. Whoa, the power of. Love. And yet, when you don't think too long over it, Truly, it is very simple, isn't it?

If I were to call Love just an emotion, I would hardly being doing it justice. It is certain that we feel it, but it goes far beyond that. Beyond feeling, Love intertwines human beings and provides the ultimate connection between them, enough to change the journey of one's life. The electricity of it is unfathomable. Sparks of static from a warm blanket. For instance, when you look across the table at that one you love so, the one that loves you from your head to your toes, and that moment your eyes flash a knowing in silence, you understand the power of it. Love. A connection of two human beings is made, in a more unique way, different from all others, and your lives grow. So. Love. More than just emotion, and yet still more than just a catalyst of growth in a human's life, more like something that is so powerful, God represents it in it's most purist form. Love.

Love pure. Love real. Wow, I find myself at a loss. Love is something so much more than can be described by mere words. It would be that our feeble words seem to lose their meanings over time, as so often they are misgiven, misdirected, misguided, misdriven. So often we think of love as some nonsense that has been said to us, but never backed 100%. But Love Pure is unconditional. It is something that cannot be mistaken, cannot be duplicated, cannot be anything less than honest. Pure Love is Truth, as Love pure leads to God. And His Love is the ultimate. Whatever the Ultimate ideal Love for you, this is God for you. So trust.

And He does love you so. I don't know what happened, but that truth has been lost along the way as perfection more the issue of today. How many humans will die in vain searching for something they cannot have? Perfection. God loves you. He loves you for you, no ifs ands or buts. Buts. There are many of those I've heard lately. God loves you but. But what? For God so loves you, is eternal. Sacrificing His Love for humanity is everlasting. Forgiveness for being human, damaged from our crying birth, is Holy. God loves you. He made a promise with you. Believe and be freed, and then you will see. Just say forgive me. Jesus Christ is the key.

Every human loving another human in the way God loves us would mean peace on earth. Love God and love each other. Eternal Peace birthed. Now that's. Love.



© 2003 Chad Gurley

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