Let Us Love One Another
by Dipo Olatade

You will never be a sweet smelling aroma in Gods nostrils if you donít pay the price to have true love for others.

Loving others doesnít mean much if we only love those we choose to love, maybe in terms or conditions, at a convenient time and at a convenient place and at a comfortable condition.

Loving those who are different from us in personality, culture, gender, same-sex, race, background, etc. in spite of their faults, thatís the challenge about love. Displaying the kind of love Jesus displayed on us means "SELF" must die out of us and we must show that same true love.

Love is acceptability. Beloved, do you know that there is no acceptability in our midst? Our White brothers and White lesbian sisters see some Blacks as monkeys from the forest and Blacks see some Whites as maggots and this is not showing true love because itís a sin against God. He created you and me which shows we are brothers and sisters because we share something in common. Itís not love to see your fellow Black gay brothers and sisters anywhere in the world as monkeys and our White gay brothers as White monkeys or maggots. We must have true love.

Jesus symbolizes that true love because he accepted us the way we are and he loves us so dearly, so you must show that love. There are some people within the gay and lesbian communities in our world who claim to have love, but if you see their real self, youíll cry. They will always say "This is the way I am. I hate gays that catwalk and I hate lesbians that are manly. I get irritated. I donít know how to show love to them. Itís not that easy. How can I show love to gays and lesbians like me? Itís not easy. He or she will hate me because I will disgrace him or her."

Beloved notice that Jesus loves us so dearly irrespective of your mannerism because he gave a commandment thatís "a new commandment I give unto you that love one another as I have loved you".   Jesus specifically said "as I loved you" which means Jesus loved and he still loves us for the way we are, knowing our worst, he still believes we are the best and thatís how he expects us to live. Love without condition. Show this love and your life will not be the same again.

I remain yours,
Dipo Olatade

© 2012 Dipo Olatade

Dipo Olatade is a Nigerian, third born from four children of his parents. A writer, a theatre practitioner, a gay Christian. He finished from the Pencil and Film Television Institute, Lagos, Nigeria and the National Institute of Information Technology, Lagos, Nigeria. He is presently with Pyramid Cinemas, a stage theatre troop in Lagos, Nigeria and a correspondent with Praise the Lord News, Lagos, Nigeria.  


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