The Holy Spirit

It is by faith in Christ that we are saved and it is to the Father that we look our eyes towards. Yet so many Christians neglect the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who brings it all to reality. The Spirit is what WAKES US UP from our dull dream state. The Holy Spirit is the voice of God, the heart of God and the love the God. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, the Spirit comes to reside in us, but many times we ignore His Voice and leading and follow our own thoughts, desires and paths. We try to serve God on our ownÖwithout the Holy Spirit.

Many Christians donít yet understand the magnitude of what the Gospel really means. Oh, yes many of us know the Bible, but the spirit and meaning of the Word can still elude us. We really still DONíT GET IT. Thatís because it is the Spirit of God that turns on the light bulb. It is the Spirit that makes it all clear and breathes God into our wandering souls, illuminating all that Jesus taught, said and did in the name of the Father. It is the Spirit of God that makes it all REAL. Through Him we learn God's truths and knowledge, revealing the mysteries of His Kingdom.

It is the difference between looking at a photograph and being there in person. It is the difference between reading a book and meeting the author. It is the difference between hearing about God from others and talking with Him face to face. The Holy Spirit is the breath of God given to us. We no longer have to wonder if God is real. He lives in us, through His Spirit, and we can feel Him and feel His love.

It makes ALL the difference.

The world and our self-centered concerns take us away from the God. We are too preoccupied with our needs, problems, status and whatever is in front of us. Many Christians do not seek the Spirit, instead trying to figure it out on their own. When we attempt to find God, so many of us HIT A WALL. We try and try, but our efforts are fruitless, we don't feel it in our hearts, we don't understand it, because we insist on figuring it out ourselves, missing out on what it is all about.

How many of us have read the Bible and still can't figure out what it all means? There are so many Bible interpreters who will dissect and tear apart words and meanings, yet without the Holy Spirit, they will miss entirely what it all means.

We cannot see what God sees because we insist on seeing with our own eyes. We cannot hear the Spirit because we listen to others and ourselves. We cannot feel the heart of Jesus, because we only care about something if it affects us.

It is the Spirit who brings God to life in our hearts.

He is the One who nudges us to take action for God. He is the One who separates the Truth from all lies. He is the One who gives us the answers when none is to be found. And He is the One who speaks to God for us, when we are without words to say.

When we have the Spirit, we are one with God. We are seeing His light and hearing His voice. And more than anything, we are feeling His love. This is the only way to live and serve God. The Spirit is our source, because without the Spirit, we are running on empty. Our hearts are dull. We hear and feel nothing. There is no fruit.

A Christian living in God's Spirit lives for God. A Christian living in God's Spirit puts God first. A Christian living in God's Spirit chases after God. Chases.

And we cannot follow the Holy Spirit and serve God, if we do not have LOVE. Love for Him and love for everyone else. And what is Love, but a FRUIT of the Spirit. I repeat...Love is a Fruit of the Spirit. Without the Spirit, we cannot feel God's love. It is the Spirit that gives us the gift of God's love.

So many times we have heard that tiny voice behind our own that speaks to us, but we often ignore it. The Holy Spirit is the Voice of God. We have pushed Him so far away that His voice is a faint whisper to us. The Holy Spirit brings God closer to us. The voice of God has been with us all this time, but we turn our ears away, because our earthly busyness takes precedence over us. He is the last priority in our hectic schedule.

Many Christians want to live in the Spirit of God, but so few do. As Jesus said, we are choked by the cares of the world and our neediness. Searching for love, dealing with pain, grasping for money, juggling our lives, keep us from focusing on God. Jesus said to not worry about our needs, but we do. Our interests are for the here and now. We are as infants, constantly wanting things that cannot ever make us happy.

We must make a decision if we want to live in God and His Spirit. It is a CHOICE. We must SEEK God and SEEK His Spirit. The Spirit canít live in us, if we really donít want Him to. We have to INVITE Him in. We must wake up each morning making it a point to seek God and welcome Him in. We must put aside what is occupying us and allow the Spirit to minister to us.

Yes all Christians say they want to be filled with the Spirit, but our preoccupations have crowded Him out. When we hear His voice, when we sense the Spirit, we need to stop and listen and recognize Him wherever we are. When we decide that following God comes first, then we will hear the Spirit speaking and can then let Him in.

Receive the Holy Spirit:

1. Be humble before God. Confess to Him. Come clean. Bow to Him.Worship Him. Become an empty vessel for His use.

2. Seek the Spirit. Desire Him. Want Him. It is through the filling of the Spirit that God comes into us. Chase after the Spirit. Listen, learn, grow and live in the Lord.

3. Surrender your will. Make a decision to follow God wherever He wants you to go. This is the only way. Be willing to do things He would have you do. Don't fight Him anymore. You must release and let go of your own life. The Spirit cannot lead us, if we insist on going our own way. Heed the Holy Spirit. He has a plan for you.

4. Speak to Him. Ask Him to come to you. Ask Him to fill you with His presence.

5. Look for Him. Expect Him. Listen for Him. Don't TRY to live in the Spirit, just LET GO and let Him in. Have faith and believe that you are in God's Hands. God will pour His blessings on you each step of the way.

Now, the hardest part: to live in His Spirit continually. Not just for a day or a week, but everyday. We must surrender to God every day. Seek to live as Christ lived. Listen for what God wants to teach you. Look for what He would have you do. Look for the pain around you: the lonely, the suffering and the persecuted. Ask Him to teach you about His Kingdom. Seek God's love. Make a decision to allow God to use you wherever you are. Ask God to give you His heart of Love.

When you follow the voice of God and live in the Spirit, His Kingdom will open up to you. He will bless you with gifts meant just for you. You will understand things you never understood and His love will encompass you. You will feel His presence and peace and you will know that He is God. Amen.

©2011 Edrick

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