Finding Love

Everyone has the same thing on his or her mind. Finding love. A Girlfriend. A Boyfriend. A Soul Mate. A Lover. A Husband. A Wife. A Companion. A Partner.We all have that need to share love with another human being. Someone who will love us and whom we can give love to. It’s a 24/7 preoccupation for all of us who are single. And it’s pretty tough out there. Sex is easy to find, but finding love, real love, is very, very, tough. And the longer we look…the tougher it gets. True Love. That perfect person…that soul mate… where is this person anyway?

Most of us have checked out bars and clubs, and some have wandered through the internet, personal ads and even church. I’m sure I can speak for most people when I say that it can be a very empty and disappointing experience. Let’s face it…finding someone who is attractive, intelligent, fun, and who we get along with…is already a lot to ask for. And a lot of us hope that the person we do fall in love with, will also love the Lord as much as we do.
It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. A Christian GLBT is a rare animal…but they are out there.

The Lord knows us and is aware that we need love. And we’ve all heard that God has chosen a person especially for us. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about our future love life. Are we ever going to meet that special someone or will our days be spent alone?
It can be very depressing if we think too much about it and we all have times in our life when our loneliness overtakes us …affecting our daily existence as well as our spirituality. It’s hard to be spiritual when there is a screaming hunger for human affection. Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that just because you are a Christian…you will find someone to love.

How should we approach our search for a meaningful person in our life? Well, one of the mistakes we’ve all made is focusing on the wrong things, whether it’s muscles, brains, success, beauty or money. And many times we think that ANY relationship is better than NO relationship which can create lots of problems for us later. But our real mistake is NOT including God in our search for love. Talk to God.
Ask Him to bring love into your life.
He may have a person that He would like you to meet.
In the meantime…

The one thing we can do right is get up and serve the Lord…and that doesn’t mean locking yourself in a room and being spiritual alone. It means involving yourself with real people and spreading the love of God.
Jesus says to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”…
that means we should give up everything to Him, including our loneliness and allow Jesus to fill us with His love.

When you truly give your life over to Christ and walk in His footsteps…God will supply you with the peace, love and joy of the Holy Spirit; and over time...

you will have strength when others have fear,
you will have peace when others have insomnia,
you will have forgiveness while others have bitterness,
you will share when others are selfish, and
you will give love when others are closed.

You see, by living in the Lord, we become whole people.
And as a side benefit…
all of this will make you very special and attractive to that person who may be searching for you.
This is how God brings people together.


© 2003 Edrick

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