You are exactly where God wants you to be...for now.

I have been praying for years for God to change some of the situations in my life. One of them concerns my unpleasant boss. I like my work, but my boss is the opposite of me and we can be at odds with each other, making life at work stressful. For years I prayed for a new job, yet nothing ever changed.  I asked God to put me in a job that would make me happier, but He didn’t answer my request.  It took a long time for me to realize that God put this person in my life for a reason. I had to learn and experience some important lessons and truths before I could move on spiritually.

We all want SHORTCUTS, which is why we pray for miracles. We would LOVE for God to remove all the anxious, uncomfortable and unpredictable situations in our lives, yet these are exactly the situations God wants us to be in so we will grow.

Some of our life struggles have been devastating to us: heart breaks, injuries, assaults, sicknesses and losses. Struggles that no one should ever have to endure. Yet, many of our experiences have strengthened us and taught us to trust God and be patient, understanding and helpful to others who are also struggling.

As Christians, God has promised to be with us every step of our lives and each day we must learn to trust and follow Him no matter where He leads us. But so many of us are unable to follow Him very far and instead plop ourselves down into a pit of complacency, apathy, pity and complaining, never learning, never changing and never moving.

If God gave us everything we prayed for, we would be spoiled brats, unable to tolerate when things aren’t just so, seeking a way out.

It is through our trials and tribulations that God is looking for us to become stronger and wiser people in Him. It is up to us, whether we follow Him to higher ground. He challenges us to do things differently than the way we have been doing them. It isn't just faith, patience and endurance that He is trying to teach us, but that we are PART of the world around us, a world that contains a multitude of unpleasant, sad, and unjust situations that need people like you to help.

Instead of praying for a way out of every uncomfortable situation, we should be looking to see what God wants to teach us, because His desire is always for us to get up, move ahead and grow up spiritually.

You are a participant in your life with Christ, not just a spectator and commentator. He is preparing you for the work He has planned for you to further His Kingdom of Love, but the choice is still yours.

So yes, you are exactly where God wants you to be...for now.

By the way, I still work with my same boss, but my change of heart has changed the way I respond to him, and because of that, he has changed the way he is with me.  Through all the years of praying for God to change him or change my job…it was always ME who had to change!

God bless you on your journey towards His Kingdom.



©2014 Edrick

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