Everything Changes

Many of us have periods in our life when things go along well for a time, but then suddenly something happens that confronts us with uncertainty, change and adjustment. A change in a relationship, an illness, a lost job, or a death in the family are just a few examples of events that can disrupt our lives without warning.

Most of us are able to adapt quickly, but some of us just don't take change very well. A person who loses friends may decide not to invest in friendship anymore. A death of a loved one sometimes means a person will close his heart to love. And so many of us react to change by shutting down.

Living like this is not the way to go, but how can we learn to readjust, heal, and make the best of our situations?

They say that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes, but I would say that the only guarantee in life is that "everything changes". And now that the world economy is taking a tumble, it seems none of us will escape unscathed. Many of us have already been hit hard with changes concerning our jobs, our way of life or our money. Changes do happen in our lives regularly, regardless of the economy, and our lives are never the same as yesterday. We are always in transition. Things are always changing.

External changes affect our internal psyche. Our sense of security and safety are constantly being challenged by events which go against our will. All of us, at some point in our lives, have to confront the day when suddenly everything is different. Yesterday will not be replaying itself for us anymore, yet, many of us do our darndest to keep our lives from changing. We resist change and hold on tight to the way we want our world to be and many of us try to go back, recreate, or redo things, to make something last a bit longer than it should, but eventually we have to surrender to change. We want the happy days again, or at least the way things used to be, but sometimes, there is no going back. The more we try to keep things the same, the more we become frozen, living in the past.

Change can be good if we embrace it. Change always means something is passing, but the longer we mourn the past, the longer we keep the new from coming, because many of us see change as a loss and not as an opportunity for new things coming into our lives. We don't realize that changes in our current lives can mean a huge potential for new growth, new wisdom, new knowledge and a new way of seeing things. If we resist change, we are also resisting growth.

Life changes greatly affect our faith: faith in ourselves, faith in people, faith in security, faith in the future, faith in "happily ever after" and even our faith in God. When change comes, we are confronted with trusting God or trusting ourselves to get through our transitions and usually our faith in God loses out.

Our physical lives have several periods of change and growth: An infant becomes a child, who becomes a teenager and then an adult. Our spiritual lives are just same. God wants us to grow up spiritually and change is a part of what makes us stronger, wiser and more faithful. Amidst our change, God is our comfort. We know that our lives may be changing tomorrow and for some of us, things may get worse before they get better, but we know that God is never changing. He desires us to trust Him with our changes, because He has promised that all things work out for the good. God is always there for us and though our changes seem scary now, He knows there is something more important than these changes: our heart, our spirit, and our faith as a child of God.

Changes are an opportunity for us to trust in God with our hearts.

So, though our world is in turmoil, we can trust Him to be there with us, because He is always faithful in our life transitions. God has plans for us. He has things He wants to teach us. He has people He wants us to meet. He has things He wants us to do.

A new challenge, a new life, a new hope.

As they always say, in order for something new to occur, something old has to pass. So yes, tomorrow will be different for many of us, but what will never change is the love of God who seeks to change us for the better.

Trust God in this time of change and He will show you all things new.

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose” – Romans 8:28


© 2008 Edrick

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