Distracted Christians

In this day and age we are all bombarded. For the modern man/woman on the go, every day is faced with activities and busyness that screams for our attention.
Everything has been amplified by our access to information, communication and entertainment via our phones, computers and devices. Our lives may not have much going on, yet we seem to be busier than ever. And some of that busyness is just time wasting. Everyday when we wake up, we immediately pick up our phones and start staring at it, distracting ourselves for hours at a time.

Christians today are distracted. Very distracted. Totally distracted.

There are legitimate things that keep us busy: our family, our studies, our work, and our devices do help us gather information to help us in our daily lives, but there comes a point when our busyness takes over and we seem to have time for everyone and everything except God.

He is the one that we put off till the end of the day, the end of the week or just ‘whenever.” God is not on our priority list. Our earthly life has taken over and God is always postponed later and later.
We MIGHT squeeze some time with Him in between YouTube videos, but even then it's but minutes.

And I’m not talking about spending time with God at "church", but spending personal time with Him in prayer, meditation, reflection and in our daily life, doing those things that Jesus asks us to do, the work that He directed us to do as His “disciples.”

We are involved with so much stuff and added to that is the unnecessary nonsense that eats up our time; much of which does not include God.

Our prayers are now just “Help me” prayers. Our time with Him is in Sunday church service, sitting passively for an hour or so. And our work as a disciple to “Go into the world and make disciples of many and to love our neighbor as ourselves” is basically reduced to "smiling" at people at work or school.

We need to stop and change course. Our lives are passing by. Precious time is being lost. People who need God's love are being lost.

We have to look up from our cell phones, slap ourselves in the face and change our focus. We need to turn our hearts, minds and focus back on God and evaluate what our lives have become.

Are we killing time watching Netflix? Surfing the internet? Playing hours of video games? Waiting for the next meal? Are we losing friendships? Are we on our phones and devices because we are bored? Is everything always about our comfort, satisfaction, convenience and fun?

To get back on the right track with God, we have to start at the beginning. We have to start spending time with Jesus again.

Make room in your “busy” schedule for “Jesus Time.” Take your eyes off your phone and turn your eyes to Jesus. Make the decision to use all that time that you've been chasing nonsense to chase after God!

Talk to Him again like you used to. Open your ears to listen to His Voice, and learn to wait on Him again. When you restart the conversation, you are inviting God back into your life. He desires us to be present with Him...not just mumbling automatic prayers with our minds and hearts a million miles away.

Jesus desires our HEART. He wants us to really talk with Him.

He can show you what your life has become and what is really important. 

And He invites you to partner up with Him to change your life and further His Kingdom, even with your busy schedule. 

But it has to start with you. Jesus is knocking. Open the door.


"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me."- Revelations 3:20


©2020 Edrick

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