by Dipo Olatade

Dear friends, I want you to read it, understand it, if possible print it out and read it everyday, it will change your life forever.

Jeremiah 1: 5-7  "Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I knew thee and before thou camest out of the womb, I sanctified thee then I ordained thee as a prophet unto the nations. Then I said, Ahh, Lord God, behold, I can’t speak, for I am a child but the Lord God said to me, say not that I’m a child, for thou shall go to all that I shall send thee and whatsoever I command thee, thou shall speak."

Jeremiah was giving good different excuses why he cannot yield to the call, the way some of us who are gay and bisexuals will give excuses, but God had already called him and chosen him right from the womb.

With the full knowledge of your past and present defects of character and attitude, God has called you from the womb. Imagine, God has called you and sanctified you from when you were in the womb. This is a hard truth for us to hold onto because of our present personality and situation.


1) To be called means to be named, to be chosen means to be seen as unique.

2) To be called means to be elected, to be chosen means you are recognized as having something to contribute.

3) To be called means to be appointed, to be chosen means to be selected.

Each one of us cries out to be noticed not just as the same person but as a changed person and you see, with God everybody is somebody. In his eyes, there are no misfits, no rejects or no 2nd class citizens so stop telling yourself that God can’t use you because he can. Look, you are not a misfit. God loves you and believes in you irrespective of your sexuality

Beloved, God thinks that you have something to contribute that no one else can. More than using you, God has called you and chosen you for an assignment here on earth before you go and that assignment must be carried out.

Don’t be Methuselah that lived long and gave birth to children but never made an impact in his generation. Do you know that you will add colour to the lives of so many people if only you have the right attitude about yourself?

Jephthah was called and chosen by God. Imagine, God used a bastard (son of a prostitute) as a deliverer to deliver Israel from Ammon.

Gideon was called and chosen by God to deliver Israel from the Midianites.

Nehemiah was called and chosen by God to build the walls and gates of Jerusalem, (Nehemiah 1: 1-4). He was also called by God to be an intercessor.

Titus was called and chosen by God to be among the apostles but mainly, he was made by God to be a motivator. That is an encourager. He encouraged Paul and few of the apostles. When Paul heard of his arrival, Paul was happy because an encourager was in the house.

Moses was called and chosen by God to be a deliverer and a leader.

Jonah who was very stubborn was called and chosen to be an evangelist unto the nation of Nineveh.

The excuse that many of us will always give is "God, don’t you understand, I’m gay, I’m lesbian. How will the society see me?" Beloved, why are you disturbed about the society?

If you don’t yield to the call of God, there is bound to be problems. Hope you remember the story of Jonah?

God has called and chosen you for something unique. God has called some of us to be teachers, pastors, prophets and some evangelists, and etc.

The world is waiting for you to manifest, so wake up. God has called you and chosen you to affect this generation positively so stop delaying the call with excuses. God can use you because he has called and chosen you.

Till then, I remain yours,
Dipo Olatade


© 2012 Dipo Olatade

Dipo Olatade is a Nigerian, third born from four children of his parents. A writer, a theatre practitioner, a gay Christian. He finished from the Pencil and Film Television Institute, Lagos, Nigeria and the National Institute of Information Technology, Lagos, Nigeria. He is presently with Pyramid Cinemas, a stage theatre troop in Lagos, Nigeria and a correspondent with Praise the Lord News, Lagos, Nigeria.  


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