A Light Shining Through Life's
Rough Seas
by Gennee

Lighthouses are one of my favorite structures. Usually located on shorelines, lighthouses can withstand the fiercest winds and storms. The beacon beaming over dark night oceans have saved many a vessel from a watery grave. Many lighthouses are still in operation today.

You may be wondering what lighthouses have to do with gender. It states in Psalms 119:105 that ‘your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path’. During times of struggle, God’s word can bring our lives in focus.

Lighthouses show their mettle during the tumultuous times. The billowing waves and fierce winds threaten to destroy these structures and yet they stand strong and unyielding. Lighthouses are built on solid foundations so it can withstand the worst of weather. The lives of transgender and gender variant people can at times seem like those rough waves. We don’t know where to turn or find some peace of mind. Transitioning is an emotional as well as a physical process. Add the prejudice and bigotry of society and one can see why our lives can be like stormy seas.

It can seem like our ship is being tossed about by the angry waves. It is dark all around, not knowing if we are near land or doomed to be lost in a watery abyss. Just when all seems lost, the first mate sees the beacon of light through the darkness. To the captain of the ship, it is a welcome sight. He knows that safe port is nearby. Jesus is the beacon of light to those who are drowning in the seas of despair and hopelessness. He will bring us to the safe port of his love and care.

In my thirty-six plus years of salvation, God has never changed. He is the same person now when I met Him for the first time. Jesus has seen me through some rough seas. When I was struggling with my gender issues Jesus made it clear that this was part of his plan for my life. He accepted me as a transgender person and he accepts you.

Nowhere in scripture does it say that you have to be straight to be accepted by Him. Scripture doesn’t say you have to be rich, or properly dressed, or of a particular genealogy. All those who come to him will find rest.


© 2009 Gennee

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