Here are testimonies from people, straight, gay, bi and trans sharing their love and faith in Jesus Christ.

I Die at Midnight

What Jesus Has Done For Me.

Lessons of a former Homophobe

Rick's Story

How Can You Not Believe?

Out of the Shadows

I, Christian

When Jesus goes through He take Cudjo through

Out of the Closet...and Into a Box?!

Transgender and A Christian

What's in a Wristband?

God, Bells, Pride and LGBT

Why I Love Jesus

Love Changes Things

Speech by wedding commissioner at the protest against Proposition 8 in Napa, CA

My Spiritual Abuse

My Story

My 9/11 Story

The Final Piece That Brought Peace

Thy Rod and Thy Staff

How A Child Saved My Life

Grace, a Gift from God


On the Web:

A Slow Miracle of Transformation


My life as a gay Ugandan Christian

Being gay, Christian and African

Beyond Ex-Gay Narratives

Transgender Christian - Not an Oxymoron:

Gay & Christian: Matt Comer's Testimony

Possessed by the Spirit of Perversion?

My Coming Out Story by Rick Brentlinger

Televangelist Oral Roberts' gay grandson says 'It gets better...'

Pastor Charles "My Full Coming Out Story"

Youtube Video: Howard Pittman's Testimony

Learning To Tell My Gay, Christian Story

Proof that Jesus Christ Transforms Lives! ("My Life-Changing Near Death Encounter")

Letter from a Gay Christian

Frameline Voices - In My Shoes: Stories of Youth with LGBT Parents

RfA Room for All Stories: https://roomforall.com/resources/stories/


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