I Die at Midnight

What Jesus Has Done For Me.

Lessons of a former Homophobe

Rick's Story

How Can You Not Believe?

Out of the Shadows

I, Christian

When Jesus goes through He take Cudjo through

Out of the Closet...and Into a Box?!

Transgender and A Christian

What's in a Wristband?

God, Bells, Pride and LGBT

Why I Love Jesus

Love Changes Things

Speech by wedding commissioner at the protest against Proposition 8 in Napa, CA

My Spiritual Abuse

My Story

My 9/11 Story

The Final Piece That Brought Peace

On the Web:

How I Came to Call Myself Gay

I Wasted $50,000 on a False "Ex-Gay" Cure

A Slow Miracle of Transformation

Balm Ministries and Marsha Stevens

Pastor finally at peace being gay, Christian


My life as a gay Ugandan Christian

Being gay, Christian and African

More Examples of Gay Christian Posts From Prodigy

Beyond Ex-Gay Narratives

Transgender Christian - Not an Oxymoron:

Gay & Christian: Matt Comer's Testimony

Possessed by the Spirit of Perversion?

Through My Eyes DVD

My Coming Out Story by Rick Brentlinger

Confessions of A Christian Lesbian

Televangelist Oral Roberts' gay grandson says 'It gets better...'

Pastor Charles "My Full Coming Out Story"

The Mountain - The Day I Accepted I Am Lesbian

The Near Death Experience of the Reverend Howard Pittman
Youtube Video: Howard Pittman's Testimony

Saved From Hell - Rev. Howard Storm's near-death experience

Learning To Tell My Gay, Christian Story

The Pain of Reparative Therapy: My Story- Part One by Kyle Luebke

To Straight And Back, My life as an ex-ex-gay man. by John Paulk

Near Death Experiences of Gays and Lesbians

New Death Experiences - Stories

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