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30 LGBTQ+ Religious Saints Throughout History
Why Jesus Loved Friendship
How Would You Prove That God Performed a Miracle?
A 'born and bred racist' recounts how he became a best-selling Christian author
Christian Nationalism Drove These People Out of Their Churches
11 Animal Species That Prove Being Gay is Natural
An Evangelical Climate Scientist Wonders What Went Wrong
The Forgotten Radicalism of Jesus Christ
How Covid Raised the Stakes of the War between Faith and Science
Can You Be Queer and Christian? Inside the movement of LGBTQ Christian Activists, who are challenging America's most conservative religious ideologies
'Allergic reaction to US religious right’ fueling decline of religion, experts say
'I’m a Psychologist, and Here’s How To Protect Yourself Against the 5 Biggest Regrets People Have at the End of Their Lives'
8 Signs You Love Legalism More Than Jesus
For Beirut's gay community, chemical blast shattered a safe space
Grandfather, 90, comes out as gay and searches for long-lost love
Hope for Wholeness, One of the Nation's Largest 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Networks, is Shutting Down
Former conversion therapy leader McKrae Game disavows movement he helped fuel
Inside the new LGBTQ-affirming church in New York's Chinatown
The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness
Coming Out to My Mormon Parents
How Britain tried to 'erase' India's third gender
Cardiac patients who are lonelyhave a higher risk of death, new study shows
10 Reasons God Loves Gay Christians
Why People Hate Religion
Conversion therapy center founder who sought to turn LGBTQ Christians straignt says he's gay, rejects 'cycle or self shame'
Inside the Metropolitan Community Church, which has been telling LGBTQ people God loves them for 50 years
Homosexuality is not a choice
Slavery gave America a fear of black people and a taste for violent punishment. Both still define our criminal-justice system
Have you seen these men? Search is on for gay couple denied 1957 wedding pics
The Power of Touch, Especially for Men
How to Defy the Catholic Church
Let Go of Your Grudges. They're Doing You No Good.
American churches must reject literalism and admit we got it wrong on gay people
The Loneliness of the Progressive Asian American Christian
The Loneliest Generation: Americans, More Than Ever, Are Aging Alone
Traditional Masculinity Can Hurt Boys, Say New A.P.A. Guidelines
Study finds that three out of ten LGBTQ youth in California are mocked by their families because of their identity
Why I Left an Evangelical Cult
Deconstructing My Religion
The Greatest Love Story Never Told: Why God Will Save All People
Notable Christians who've had a change of heart on LGBT issues
How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don't
Can a Person Be Both Gay and Christian?
Crossing the Divide - Do men really have it easier? These transgender guys found the truth was more complex
Suicides Have Increased. Is This An Existential Crisis?
9 subtle signs that you're lonely - even if it doesn't feel like it
What I Learned From Gay Conversion Therapy
Why I Call Myself A Gay Christian
Where Christian churches, other religions stand on gay marriage
False news spreads faster than truth online thanks to human nature
Is Loneliness a Health Epidemic?
How Can I Possibly Believe That Faith Is Better Than Doubt?
Two Pastors in Love, and Only God Knows
The Secret to Happiness is Helping Others
'Virtue Signaling' Isn't the Problem. Not Believing One Another Is
The Nashville Statement Is an Attack on L.G.B.T. Christians
Who's Allowed to Hold Hands?
In Praise of Equipoise
BBC News: The boy who was raised a girl
India Declares Freedom of Sexual Orientation A Fundamental Right
The Power of a Spiritual Path in Addiction Recovery
How Christians Can Deal with Tragedy
Why Volunteer Service Embodies the Spirit of Christ
My Gay Agenda
When I Told My Gay Son 49 People Died For Being Just Like Him
The Pope's New Message: Quit Your Whining.
NYTimes: Why I'm Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention
Men Can Be So Hormonal
Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls
Why It's So Hard To Admit You're Wrong
NY Times: Pregnant at 18. Hailed by Abortion Foes. Punished by Christian School
What Does LGBTQ Activism Look Like in Italy?
Why 'God And Country' Christianity Is Just Another Phoney Prosperity Gospel
Op Ed: We must rise above our religious tribalism
What Would Jesus Say About Distortions Of His Teachings?
Six Things Straight People Should Stop Saying About Gay People
6 Things Christians Should Stop Saying To People Who Doubt
I Spent Seven Years in Gay Conversion Therapy Programs Before Breaking Free
Utah Blames the Weather, Not Homophobia, for Teen Suicide Epidemic
What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You
When Hellfire & Damnation Preachers Meet A Loving & Forgiving God
Christian Rock Singer Comes Out, An Ex-Gay Freakout Ensues
Church, Here's Why People Are Leaving You
Listening to God
The Ugly In Christianity
Alienation is Killing Americans and Japanese
A Columbus Christian Rock Star Comes Out
We Asked US voters about their views on transgender people. Here's what they said.
Harvard Study: Women Who Go to Church Regularly are Healthier, Live Longer
Ex Satanist exposing Satan Demons and Witchcraft
Are Gay Men More Masculine?
Setting the Record Straight about Gay Christians
Finding Love Again, This Time With A Man
Photographer Captures Two Male Lions 'Mating' in Botswana
It's Just a Bro-job. No Homo.
To Christian Parents Of Gay Children
How To Deal With Evil Spirits - Swedenborg and Life
Christian Founders do not a Christian Nation Make
'I'm gay and I'm a priest, period.'
An Ancient Philosopher's Brilliant Theory Explains Everything Bad You've Ever Done
All Sins Are Not Equal
Letter: 'Christian' presidential candidates not Christ-like
The Religious Right is Right to Be Scared: Christianity is Dying in America
This Poll Shows How Christians in America Really Feel about Homosexuality
My Emancipation from American Christianity
The Bible is Crystal Clear About Refugees
Nominal Christians are becoming more secular, and that's creating a startling change in U.S.
One Year Later, Gay Teen Reflects On Family's Horrifyingly Violent Reaction To Coming Out
Giving Up the Old God
Georgia Pastor Has No Time For Anti-LGBT Hypocrites
The Contradiction of God - Why Everything you Thought You Knew About God Is Wrong
American Christianity Has Been Hijacked
Does Science Argue for or against God?
A Letter To My Uncle Who Isn't Dealing Well With SCOTUS' Marriage Equality Decision
What would Jesus say about same-sex marriage?
Why I Support 'No Gays Allowed'
I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won't believe the questions I got about slavery
Criminalizing Poverty
5 ways Christian fundamentalists completely misread the Bible

Yes, Homosexuality Absolutely Is a Choice
How a Bible-Based Evangelical Church Embraced Gay Rights
The Anti-gay Right Can't Run Forever From Its History of Bigotry

What Causes Homosexuality? Who Cares?
Religious Liberty vs. LGBT Rights: How the Church Is Missing the Point, Ignoring the Gospel, and Losing a Generation
Inside the Mind of People Who Hate Gays
How Christians Turned Against Gay Conversion Therapy

James Carroll on disarming the memory of Jesus: "America threaten the world with violence in ways that no other country does"
Why I Choose to Live My Faith Outside of Organized Religion
4 Teachings of Jesus That His Followers (Almost) Never Take Seriously
Confessions of a Gay Jesuit: How I Was Forced To Leave My Church- And Calling

Huge twin study homes in on 'gay genes'
Reza Aslan: Sam Harris and "New Atheists" aren't new, aren't even atheists
Why millions of Christian evangelicals oppose Obamacare and civil rights

What U.S Religious Groups Really Think About One Another
The Church's Gay Obsession
Nobody is Getting Left Behind (Because the Rapture is Never, Ever Going to Happen)
When Southern Baptists Gets Saved
I’m an Otherwise Straight Man (Who Fell in Love with His Best Friend)
Evil not so banal, says disturbing new probe
The most discriminated-against people in America? It's people like you, of course.
So Much For Religious People Being More Righteous
These are the most religious places in the world (and what they're practicing)
How American evangelicals may be responsible for Uganda's anti-gay law
Christians Say 'Sorry' at Chicago Pride
Exclusive: 9 Former Ex-Gay Leaders Join Movement to Ban Ex-Gay Conversion Therapy

Southern Baptist Minister Explains Why He Changed His Mind About Homosexuality
To Straight And Back, My life as an ex-ex-gay man. by John Paulk
These maps show the most common religions, Christians and non-Christians, in your state
The Pain of a Gay Man
Counterattacking the Gay Evangelical
Why Science Does Not Disprove God
Fred Phelps May Be Dead, But His Fundamentalist God Lives
Greed Isn't a Religious Value
Christians, You're Not Victims
Go Ahead Christians, Despite Fundamentalism, Promote God's Love and Grace
Homophobic People Lives Shorter Lives: Study
How Christianity gave us gay marriage
Are Millennials less religious? It's not just because of gay marriage
The Hidden War Against Gay Teens

A Point of View: Why people give in to temptation when no-one's watching
Christians Are a Cause of GLBT Oppression So We Have to Be a Part of the Liberation!
Ugandan Who Spoke Up for Gays Is Beaten to Death
Extreme loneliness worse for health than obesity and can lead to an early grave, scientists say
Mormon Mom Who Fought for Prop 8, Now Fights for Gay Son

On homosexuality, many Christians get the Bible wrong
Christian vs. Gays: The Damage Done
Ky. church wants pastor gone after wife's column

Four ways Christians are getting the gay debate wrong.
Daniel Dobson, son of prominent West Michigan minister talks about being a gay Christian
Biblical Marriage Not Defined Simply as One Man, One Woman
Group apologizes to gay community, shuts down 'cure' ministry

Don't Blame It on the Bible
Study: Belief in an angry God associated with a variety of mental illnesses
Can choosing the right god reduce anxiety and other psychosis?
Capitalism is killing our morals, our future

Religious People Less Driven By Compassion Than Are Atheists And Agnostics, Study Says
How One Flawed Study Spawned a Decade of Lies
A man depicts the often grim atmosphere in assisted living facilities
Sharing Three of My Deepest, Darkest Gay Secrets for the First Time to Fight Hate
Psychiatry Giant Sorry for Backing Gay 'Cure'
7 Reasons Christians Should Change Their Political Tune
Beyond Just War and Pacifism: Jesus' Nonviolent Way

Ten Things I've Learned About Gay People in Ten Years - A Christian Perspective
Why Gay Parents May Be the Best Parents - Yahoo! News
What makes a person become a gay-basher?

Hurt by the Church? Get a Str8 Apology Here

I preached against homosexuality, but I was wrong
Presbyterian Church to ordain first openly gay minister
Heads, I win; tails, you lose: 5 spiritual flip-flops Christians must avoid.
Do Homosexuals Need to be Healed of their Homosexuality?

God loves LGBT people the way they are
What Does The Bible Actually Say About Gay Marriage?
My Take: Bible condemns a lot, so why focus on homosexuality
Evangelicals who love their gay neighbors

The Ten Lies about the GLBT Community Told by Conservative Hate Groups: a Straight Christian Perspective
Rethinking Christian Love
Gay and Evangelical, Seeking Paths of Acceptance
For Some Black Pastors, Accepting Gay Members Means Losing Others

Anti-gay group hosts "Can you be gay and Christian" forum
Evangelical Explains Why He's for Gay Rights
Why Gay Guys Are Churchier Than Their Straight Brethren
Psychologists Reject Gay 'Therapy'
Anti-gay Evangelical Authors Admit That The Sodom Story is NOT About Homosexuality
Why do straights hate gays? A 72-year-old gay activist isn't hopeful about the future.

What does the Bible actually say about being gay?
Being a Gay Christian/Open Letter to Fundamentalists

HIV/AIDS: Is It God's Judgment?
The Warning Signs of Toxic Religion
Real Christians Don't Gay Bash

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