A Wow God Moment

I just have to share this because it's pretty amazing!

I've been tutoring this awesome second grader for a while, but his sister has always been nasty towards me, challenging me, and making fun of me. I was tutoring her too for a while, but had to stop because she wasn't listening or doing any work. A month has passed, and I've continued tutoring her brother (who is sweet and cooperative), but not her. The other night, her dad asked if I would resume tutoring his daughter (the 'mean' one). I said I'd talk to him about it another time because I was running late.

So this morning, I as I prayed, I fervently cried out to God that I really don't want to tutor this girl, and -furthermore - don't even want to set foot in the family's house tonight. I asked God to relieve me of the burden of dealing with her and JUST THEN, I got a text from her mom asking me if I could tutor her SON (only) AT TARGET (not at their house) because she "had to pick up a few things tonight." Immediately I started laughing, thanking God for his timing and sense of humor, then I received this text message: "Peaceful resolution!!!"


What's funny is that I never told her mom I was struggling with this situation, so I'm shocked. That's really a Wow God moment....!



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