Lost Rosary Beads

I have my deceased mother's Rosary Beads that I use everyday. I go to daily Mass at my church and pray the Rosary with a small group of parishioners after Mass every morning. I lost my Rosary and was very upset because of the special meaning these beads had, as they belonged to my mother who I lost over 40 years ago. I prayed, my friends all prayed, and other family members prayed that the Rosary would show up. I looked everywhere in my home and searched the lost and found area in my church. This morning after Mass I prayed the Rosary with borrowed beads and stayed in the church continuing to pray for all my intentions and asked the Lord to help me in finding the lost Rosary. After prayers I got up to leave the empty church and I received an idea to look in the locked "Cry Room" that was off the side of our altar. I unlocked the door and went in and there on the end of the first pew in the dimly lit room were my Rosary beads arranged in a neat coil with the crucifix facing up in the middle of the coil. The arranged beads appeared illuminated in the dark room. I broke into tears at the realization of what had just happened. I feel humbled and truly Blessed to have received this little miracle gift from the Lord.

George Nochta, Santee, CA  


©2013 George Nochta

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