My companion of more than a decade had contacted AIDS, and while the (many) nutritional and complementary supplements I had gotten him on seemed to help preserve his quality of life up, near the end he was homebound and in bed; and we had a home-care attendant who came in to be with him during the day. But this was a heavy time for me, not only because of Jim's illness, but because I still had to go to Columbia University every day and then come home at night and take care of him - plus I was often up and down and up and down during the night, helping him. Then at 6:30 the next morning, the whole regime would start all over again. Part of my exhaustion was from sleep-deprivation, but what could I do? Then one evening coming home from work, I felt like I was at the end. I prayed, "Oh Lord, I'm finished. I'm so tired. I just can't go on. What am I going to do? Help me!" At that moment I was filled with I can only describe was a flow of heavenly power, a miraculous energy surged through my whole body! I ran home, completely astonished by it all. From that time to the day he died, I never felt that exhaustion again, but had the strength I need to do whatever needed to be done. Also, Jim had always prayed that he might go home to be with the Lord from his bed at home and not in the hospital or a nursing home; and the Lord answered that prayer as well. As it happened one night, he simply went in his sleep, and peaceful homegoing it must have been, since I never heard any cry or sound of any kind during the night.


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