The Man in White

My 90-year-old aunt recently died and was very influential in helping my mother come to God. 4o years ago when my sister was 6 years old, she became very sick and was found to have a tumor on her bladder. She was in great pain and couldn't pee. In the hospital, she was crying and crying and my mother would cry with her.

My aunt was very religious, but my mother never prayed much. I remember while I was in the hospital in the afternoon, my aunt came to my mother and said: "Pray for your daughter's healing. You can go to God directly. He is closer to you than you think. Accept Jesus as your personal Savior and your life will change…" My mother accepted the Lord as her Savior right then and there.  While in the hospital room, I could see my mother and my aunt on the porch, praying and reading the Scriptures. Our family returned home while my mother stayed overnight with my sister.

When our family returned to the hospital the next day, my mother told us of what happened during night. While alone with my sister, she said she was praying and was starting to doze off, so she turned off the light. Just then a man dressed all in white, burst into the room and said, "The Lord has heard your prayers. Your daughter is healed. There is no need for her to have an operation.” And he left.

My mother chased after the man, but she couldn't find him. When she returned to the room, my sister suddenly got up and said, "I have to go to the bathroom." She went to the bathroom and peed and peed without pain.  Afterwards she said she didn't have any more pain. My mother called the doctors and after further examination, they confirmed that my sister was indeed healed, but were baffled about how it could be.

From that time on, my mother has prayed deeply. She prays for two hours at least every day. She became a street evangelizer, speaking fervently of God and during her life planted many churches. She told us this story many times growing up, as well as speaking in churches, revivals and even in the public square and City Hall. At that time, some of our family members were not converted yet and we were very embarrassed by our mother's preaching. She would take us to many places preaching the Gospel and would say to us, "God can change people's lives. You never know!"

Some people were skeptical of her story of my sister's healing and the man in white, but I was 12 years old and remember my sister in the hospital, crying and crying during my aunt's visit with my mother, but the next day, my sister was well and went home with us.

My mother is losing her memory now at 85, but she will still tell this story in great detail of how the Lord answered her prayers and healed her daughter, my sister, and credits our aunt for making her a committed Christian.



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