Lost Grandfather

Back in 2008, my grandfather had come to visit my family from India. Now, my grandfather was suffering from a mental illness at the time. Hence, when he arrived in America, the new surroundings confused and frightened him to such an extent that he ran away from our house.

I remember waking up one morning and discovering that he had gone missing. During the course of that day, my family members, friends, the local fire brigade, and local police searched for hours in our township. However, they failed to find him, and due to the cold temperatures, many people began to assume he may have lost his life.

However, I didn't lose hope and I remember at 9:00 p.m. that day I went on my knees and prayed to The Lord to help find my grandfather. After my prayer, I went to my dining room to have dinner with other family members. However, at 9:30 halfway thru my dinner I went out to the deck and called out my grandfathers name. And it was a miracle, I found my grandfather sitting on a chair near our swimming pool. I told everyone in my family about my prayer. Truly, God had answered the prayer of a 16 year old so swiftly.


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