One day I had taken off work to do things in the apartment, one of which was to change the lock on the door. After I had completed the last task, I went out into the hall and closed the door, to try the lock. Only then did I realize that I had left my keys inside the apartment, that I had no money on me (to go fetch another set of keys at another location), and that I had no coat and was wearing my house slippers. Now, I must explain that my apartment building usually is entirely deserted, because everybody works, I believe, and is gone during the day. It is entirely empty. Beside myself, I cried out to the Lord, "Dear Jesus! Help me! What am I going to do?" Just at that very moment, the door of the super's apartment next to mine opened and a little black lady stepped out. I learned later that she had come to clean his apartment, although I did not know that he had a maid come in. She must have seen the despair on my face, and said, "What's the matter?" I explained my dilemma, and it turned out that she was a kind Christian lady. She offered to loan me five dollars so I could use the subway to get my other keys; and later I repaid her and more through the mail, for her great kindness. I truly went on my way, praising the Lord and rejoicing. Such stories of the Lord's goodness would fill volumes and volumes, and are a testimony for those who have the eyes to see them.


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