Way back in high school, I went to a religious summer camp in the piney woods of east Texas. It was with an organization called Agape Force and was in an area that had many Christian ministries and recording artists, such as Keith Green, Second Chapter of Acts, and Dallas Holmes.

The camp was beautiful and there was a large pond with a pier. There was a tradition that someone always got thrown into the pond. On one of the last days of the camp, the guys got together at lunch and decided we were going to throw one of the male camp counselors into the pond. He was our favorite. So we chased him down after lunch and held him up over our head. There was at least 12-15 of us so this was no problem.

When we got to the end of the pier, he had decided that he was going to take some of us with him and so he tried to grab me and pull me in with him. When he grabbed my hand I pulled back and he fell in without taking me, but he did pull off my newly acquired class ring. The water in the pond where we had thrown him in was about 5-6ft high and the bottom of the pond was the red murky gooey clay of east Texas.

We jumped in to try and find the ring but this only made the water murky and it was impossible to see anything in the water. Our feet were getting stuck in the soft mud and it seemed impossible that we were going to find the ring because all we could do was dive down and feel along the bottom.

I then thought, well maybe I wasn't wearing the ring, and went to my dorm to look through my luggage. Meanwhile, back at the pond, everyone had given up looking for the ring, except for one guy, who said a prayer. He prayed something like "God this is the last time I'm going down, please help me to find this ring". Well, God heard his prayer because when he dove into the pond, his hands went into the muddy bottom of the pond. When he pulled out his hands, to his complete astonishment the ring had actually gone onto his finger!

He came and found me in the dorm and he was hysterical with utter joy and amazement and was yelling "Hallelujah!" I can still see the look on his face. It was mind-blowing that God would actually care enough that he would take the time to help us find my ring.


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