At the time we lived in Fort Wayne, IN, where I grew up as a child. I was young boy at the time, but I still remember the event vividly. Grandpa had a Model T Ford car which he had owned for many years. At one point the horn had stopped working but because grandpa only used the vehicle to drive around the immediate area where he and grandma lived (like to pick up groceries), he had never gotten it fixed. Then one day when he was out driving, he got stuck in a car line, at the front of which the police were stopping each car to do a basic check, which included seeing if the horn worked. It had been years since grandpa's car horn had worked, but still he prayed: "Oh Lord, please somehow help this horn to work!" When he got to the front of the line, sure enough the cop said, "Now honk your horn!" So grandpa, putting on a brave face, pressed hard on his horn - and lo and behold, and to his utter surprise, there came forth with a resounding HOOOOO O O ONK! "Move on," said the cop, looking pleased. After grandpa returned home, still astonished, our family members gathered around the old car as grandpa tried again and again and again to get the horn to honk. Not a sound. In fact, the horn never worked again to the day grandpa finally got rid of the car. Some will say this is a silly story, but I don't think so - because God cares about every aspect of our lives. Sometimes I think he just does little miracles like this to show us he is nearby and that he is a caring heavenly Father!


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