A Healing Prayer

There is this woman that goes to my church that is maybe in her late 20's early 30's. Well right after having her second kid, I guess she was having trouble breathing (from what I have discovered from hearing her husband talk about it when it is he did.) Well the Dr's found out that she had water in her lungs. Well after some stuff happened she went into medical coma. The Dr's said that she was either going to die or be a veggie the rest of her life. When the church became aware of this all we did was pray, and go visit her and pray for the family. This lasted about a month or two. Well she came out of a coma, she walks, she talks, she laughs she eats. She is alive. The only problem she has is her eyesight, and her balance, and her speed of speech. Now she is going round and telling people her story at churches around here.

Gypsy Rose

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