A Few Answered Prayers

One day I went to the mall with my mom when I was about 14. It was the first time she let me into the mall by myself. Well shortly after, a man started walking behind me. I was immediately aware of his presence he was dirty and I felt like he was staring right at me. I decided to test it and walked faster swerving through the crowds and he followed me. I started to run and he ran after me, I remember wishing I could just get to safety. Then they came. Angels. There were two men that were wearing all white, they had gauges in their ears and blacked spiked hair, but they wore white from head to toe. I started to walk and caught my breath. We never said a word to each other - they brought me to the store where my mom was expecting me.

When I was 20 year old I was in a troubled relationship and I had a dream. I had a dream that I was holding a baby girl named Montana and we were in this hellish work setting, I tried to get past this large tree gate keeper but I couldn't with her in my arms so I left her. I then walked from a restaurant to a town and walked into a nursery, I searched everywhere and I found it. The empty bassinet. Of course shortly after I had found out that I was pregnant and decided to get an abortion. I did not listen to my dream and I regret the decision. I cried every night for years and I am still so frustrated and dissapointed that I did that. I thought God would never forgive me. One day I asked him if he would ever forgive me and I looked to my right out the car window and saw a large rainbow. I knew then he did.

Shortly after my fiance said to me one day " if we ever have a baby boy, can we name him Kayden" I prayed to God and asked him for Kayden. And then I was pregnant. Our son Kayden was born on Christmas day. I am still so sad and regret my decision. If I could go back and change it I would. But God has blessed us. And maybe one day I will have the opportunity to meet my baby girl and tell her I am sorry.


Jessica D.

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