Where is God?

How am I to trust in God when He feels as if He’s a million miles away?
My thoughts are filled with endless chatter and my heart trembles with every emotion.
Within my chaos I search for God’s voice.
An affirmation that He is still with me.
It’s as if I am in a dark room, calling out for an answer, but there is silence.
I lie awake with only my breath to acknowledge me.
I know God is there, because people tell me it is so, but sometimes late at night,
I wonder if I have been abandoned.
Where has He gone? Why won’t He answer me?
Sometimes my loneliness is too much for me to bear.
If only He would remind me that He cares.
But then a pause.
A silent voice.

“I am here and always will be. Don’t be afraid. I will love you always.”


- anonymous

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