What Really Matters

My parents asked if I’m gay
I said,  “Does it matter?”
They said,  “Not really.”
I told them,  “Yes, I’m gay.”
They said,  “Get out of our lives.”
I guess it mattered!

My boss asked me,  “Are you gay?”
I said, “Does it matter?”
My boss said,  “Not really.”
I told my boss,  “Yes I’m gay.”
My boss said,  “You’re fired queer.”
I guess it mattered!

My friend asked me if I’m gay,
I said,  “Does it matter?”
My friend told me,  “Not really.”
I told my friend,  “Yes I’m gay.”
My friend said,  “Don’t call me friend.”
I guess it mattered!

My lover said,  “Do you love me?”
I said,  “Does it matter?”
My lover said,  “Yes.”
I told my lover,  “Yes, I love you.”
My lover said,  “Hold me in your arms.”
For the first time something in my life matters.

God asked me,  “Do you love yourself.
I said,  “Does it matter?”
God said,  “Yes, it matters.”
I said,  “How can I love myself if I’m gay?”
God said,  “Because that is the way I made you.”
Nothing will ever matter again.

- Author Unknown

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