What is Truth

What is real and what is truth,
the eternity of all that is and was
seems conflicting.

The trust in law and trust in self
seem both to betray.
Trust in love – that’s the struggle –
for God is my only answer.

It is an uneasy place
when truth is not found by manmade means.
To blindly believe is not the answer,
for creeds can only set the formula.

A personal Christ is the search for faith
and not just a dusty icon in the back of a church.
An engraving on the back of the heart,
that’s where the crucifixion is made real.

The narrow road to life
is the road to love
and this is the road to Jesus.

One’s search will give one what he’s looking for,
and I know that God has been my final thought.
I may have run, I may have fallen,
but His arms are as safe and secure as the day I began,
and I am just beginning to find Him.


© 2003 D. Miess

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