Uneasy Peace

I have the love that loves to love
Look into my heart
For a moment, once
Gaze upon the hope and frustration
Bittersweet lingering sorrow
The ache that never departs
My heart is held together by its wounds
The times I’ve struggled to speak
And no one listened
With never a glance for me
From the time I was born
Those who should have loved me
Did not
As I marched to an unknown drummer
Thinking I had awakened in my youth
Only to live a life full of regrets
Love ran harsh and wild in torrents
Each lover dearer than the last
Until I grew to an uneasy peace
Without a chance to become anyone’s
Now I know what I need to know
After searching so long inside me
For the answer that finally appeared was
To be alone
My hope and my anticipation wasted
For I have the love that loves to love


©2005 John Montin

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