What You Have Taught Me In Prayer
by James Cucinella

Almighty Father, you have touched my heart so often with what you have taught me in prayer. You have calmed my confusion, given direction to my wandering, and steadied me when I felt panicky. You have patiently taught me the lesson again and again when I failed to follow. You have put up with me when I was only lukewarm and waited till I was ready to listen before giving me the word I needed. You did not condemn me when I turned my back on you, but with tact and kindness put me back on the right track. You even taught me to laugh at myself. You have put your arms around me, strengthened me, encouraged me, and lifted me up into the wind and the sunlight. You have filled me with peace. I understood it to mean that you would have me share with others the words you have given me in prayer. They are my treasure; and with a thankful heart I ask you to bless them so that, like the transformation of seed in the ground and the silent extension of roots, they may propagate your truth and manifest your life wherever they become planted. Thank you, Father, for your love. Amen.


©1989 James Cucinella

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