The God of Surprises
By James Cucinella

My child:
Out of indistinct clouds, I can form something solid and beautiful.
I can dissolve that which exists so that it is no more. I can turn bad into good,
tragedy into triumph, something hopeless into something so filled
with promise that you wonder why you never saw it before.
Do not limit me in your thinking, my child. I am the God of surprises, turnabouts,
and miracles. I am the God of that which is unbelievable and unexplainable.
All that is required is unlimited trust in me – trust in trial, trust in suffering,
trust filling your whole heart and mind. If you cannot trust completely,
be willing to ask me for my help. Don't be afraid to call out,
"Help, thou my unbelief!" I am your compassionate Father and I long to aid you.
I need only your willing heart. Like a mother hen, I gather my children
with a willing heart into my feathers each night. I restore and warm and
encourage them. I give them rest from their fatigue, strength for their growth,
heat when they are cold. Come into my feathers, little chick.
You cannot fly yet. I will nurture and succor you every moment of the day –
provide for you, watch over you, and envelope you with my love.
I cover you with my sheltering wings.

Written August 28, 1989 about nine months before Jim died of AIDS and went to be with the Lord.


©1989 James Cucinella

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