by James Cucinella

Today as I start my journey’s walk,
Lord, you are my friend and I want to talk

about the things that trouble me.
For you are my friend, and I truly love thee.

It’s just you and me as we travel along –
Today, dear Lord, please give me a song,

Please be my strength, for I count on you;
and remind me, Lord, that skies aren’t all  blue.

Single I am but whatever I be,
I know, dear Lord, that you dearly love me.

The road through life is jagged with bends,
but, Lord, I know that you are my friend.

I need not fear though I am one,
for I have power in Jesus, God’s Son.

Together, on life’s road, are travelers we,
for I know, dear God, that you truly love me.


©1989 James Cucinella

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