Shades of Light
by Mario Gerada

I found myself walking on the shores
where the fragments of the human dreams
were scattered violently by the purifying sea.
I found myself weak and nude,
walking, on the rocks by the sea.
I had tasted the bitter drink of the illusive life
that blind souls give for drink.
In my weakness I found Him to be my strength,
in my nudity I found Him to be my garment
in my darkness I found Him to be my light.
I was lost,
and in this dispersion I found His way.

I am walking on the road between the greatness of the soul and the
nothingness of it,
I am walking between the freedom of the soul and the oppression of it,
I am being bathed in light and drowned in darkness,
I am experiencing life followed by death,
I am walking through the clear river and the dirty swamps,
I am moving between the waiting of my love and the cravings of my lust,
I am walking between the day and night,
Looking at the sun and dreaming beneath the moon.


© 2007 Mario Gerada


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