Saturate Yourself With My Love
By James Cucinella

My child:
I love you in every dust-note in a sunbeam. I love you in deep shade. I love you in every spray of flowers and blade of grass, in every mighty hawk and feeble moth. I love you in sweat and strain, and in silent moonlight. I love you in the wind. I love you in the cold. I love you in the firelight and in hidden places. I love you in the very air you breathe, every sight you see, every sound you hear. Surrender your senses to the spectacle of my love. I permeate your being and the world around you. Saturate yourself in the evidences of my love for you. For you are my heir, you are my child; and all that I have is yours. It is my joy to pour it upon you. A parent knows this joy in a limited way. Imagine how much I as your Creator am filled with the delight of pouring out my creative love on you. Be open to my flood of love. Bring others who thirst to drink of the flood. My abundance extends to all. Drink deep of this nourishment, my child; and fill your life with my love.


©1989 James Cucinella

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