Right and Good
by Ryan Bradshaw

When he baptized me, I believe he wanted to protect me from evil,
to make sure I had a place with the good people in the holy kingdom.
But as I grew to understand this, I grew to disagree with him

about what was evil and what was good.
I know now that I am exactly who I’m supposed to be.
But I once believed him when he told me my sexuality is a sin.
He told me “gay is bad”, and I trusted that he was right.
Convincing a child there is something wrong with them,

making them cry themselves to sleep every night
just for having normal, natural feelings...
That… that I would define as evil.

Embracing my sexuality.
Wearing dresses, because sometimes I like wearing dresses.
Having sex.
And then more sex,
with men who I find interesting and funny and sexy.
Falling in love.
Being happy.
Being happy with who I am.
Being so happy with who I am that I can help make other people happy.
Helping to build a world where I can hold my partner's hand in public

without feeling self-conscious or scared...
That... all of that, I would define as right, and good.

© 2017 Ryan Bradshaw

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