peace beat
by Chad Gurley

the beat of peace is not one solely of passivity but rather one that expresses most passionately the movement that will come to be known as the dance birthing
the glance of the further existence of all earth's humanity.
let your body move in proof of this unity of the cosmic flow
that breathes in each of thee.

the sway of peace is one that sings above and beyond all the voices
that swing between the breeze.
it's the one that carries and you long to hear, something so close and ever so dear,
but also one that you innately deeply fear,
but don't fear, don't fear. it's good. it's true. you'll see.

there's peace within thee.
though it doesn't seem so still peace now that it's blossomed there within you,
realized and perfected, however weighted under the conditions of
being subjected to the powers that be not representing you and me as they march armies of death toward some enemy, fearful of maintaining their own power.
Wowzers. Do all the earth’s lights go out because of power? shortage or overload? humanity explode.

No. No. No. there's more books still to be written of human life at the end.
send. it's send.
the movement of peace timely like the e-mail send. for this is not pretend.
this is real. and this is us now. Flourish.
Let the American Renaissance begin.
In Jesus Christ’s Name,


© 2003 Chad Gurley

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