Mother- A Life Anew
February 19, 2014

by Joe Fernicola      
Lively, Lovely, Stylish Dresses
Trademark blonde tresses
Trips to Sausalito
Swimming in the lake
Candles on birthday cakes
Sudden sick, pain from nowhere
No longer walking
Pain from talking
Gasps of air
Life too much to bear
Lost Lonely Despair
Light of the day
Shows me the way
Helps me understand
Melt down the tears
To let go of  fear
For now I see,
It's not about me
the sad tragedy-
But a door to new life  -
New Light.
He opened her eyes
She found the prize
and went above
with God's sweet love
To see  her children seven
two already in heaven
Paul and Jimmy
Her brother and mother
Now she's happy again
A new life with them
But here her memory lives on
Guiding, gliding me
To Life Anew


© 2014 Joe Fernicola

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